Lets loose some weight together

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Hello Sheila
I have 5 grandchildren, aged from 7 to 22. My daughter's are careful with dietry needs. Fortunately they all like sport or some form of exercise. They are allowed fast food very occasionally as a treat. It's not banned but closely monitored. Well my younger daughter's children's food is monitored. My elder daughters are not at home now. 1 at university. However they seem very aware of a balanced diet.
Being Nan, I have a goodie tin, but wouldn't let them go to mad with it lol.
It's my own balanced diet I need to sort. No motivation now Hubby in a nursing home. Better weather and more fruit and salads will help
I have put on 3 stone in the 3 years I have been caring for my mother :blush: . I live in leggings and baggy tops and would like to buy a pretty dress for the summer. So, aiming to get back to 10 stone............Here goes!!!
Confession :blush:
I had chocolates tonight...
And enjoyed every single one!

Back on wagon tomorrow, promise
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