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Lets loose some weight together - Carers UK Forum

Lets loose some weight together

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I am all fired up and ready to go on New Years Day but thought perhaps we could encourage each other. No need to post your weight- unless you want to but anyone want to join me in a carers weight loss group? I think we have more of a struggle /excuse than none carers.
Comfort eating
Boredom being at home
Having to feed up the person we care for
Limited budget
Perhaps unable to spare the time or get out to attend slimming groups

I am hoping we can all contribute some good tips and motivate each other.
Anyone up for the challenge.

Perhaps we could have a group weight loss announcement every week/month?
or Tip/recipe of the day?
Or how we have managed to introduce activity into our day? :idea:
I'm in Henrietta. I need to lose a stone at least to get back to the weight I'm comfortable at and fit into my clothes again. Had Weetabix for breakfast - it's always recommended that you have breakfast when on a diet isn't it? Must buy some semi skimmed milk as only one in the fridge was full fat, which hubby likes.
I have been careful re chocolates and extra goodies over Christmas. My main downfall is cheese and wine. What's yours?
I'm in danger of piling the weight back on. Couldn't eat when last year. Now I find myself having the odd chocolate and extra bread. Trying not to go back to comfort eating. But.... It's there. The just have one turning into 4!!
Gave my bigger clothes to charity.
I'm carb fiend.
I know very well I eat ( I mean ate ;) ) all the wrong things. Biggest weaknesses are crisps and cheese, and in the summer ice cream.
You are right about breakfast Elaine but naturally I don't have any inclination to eat breakfast. I rush around getting dad a cup of tea , take dog in garden, get myself ready for work. I typicaly start getting up at 6.30 and leave for work about 7.30 so hard to fit things in. I suppose I could try those go snack type bar or breakfast bar type things but no time to eat really until I get back from work about 11.00 and by then I am almost getting lunch ready for Dad. Suggestions welcome!
My 'kick up the backside' was being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in 2014 - concentrated my mind wonderfully :roll:

Minimum carbs, no sugar, lots of green vegetables (but watch the fruit it's high in natural sugar), lots of protein - following a diabetes friendly diet I lost 3st and have kept it off since :) and having a heart attack in September 2015 has also helped my resolve when tempted by the 'naughty but nice' goodies :blush: )

It's frightening to realise just how much our lifestyle choices can impact on our health and lifespan :shock:

Henrietta - avoid those breakfast bars they are all carbs and sugar :shock: You'd do better with a low fat yoghurt and a piece of fruit or a smoothie. Personally I opt for 1 weetabix, plain soya yoghurt (very low sugar content) and a handful of berries - quick to get ready and easy to eat whilst doing other things !
I was fortunate enough to be able to take a packet of the instant porridge to work. (They had microwave and fridge). I could have that at my desk whilst reading emails. Or I took fresh fruit and yogurt.
Anyway you could do something like that??
Ok Susie- no breakfast bars- I'm listening.
Pet- have never liked porridge so I have to stick to things I don't mind eating. Porridge to me is just tasteless sludge and can't see the point of it :roll:
Whist searching the supermarket shelves for liquid replacement meals when mum refused solid food, I noticed a weetbix breakfast drink. Haven't tried it myself, bur such things are available. Near the sports drinks and slimming foods section.
Henrietta. I cheated with the porridge a bit. Teaspoon of sugar!! Tut tut. Have a sweet tooth. I agree with you. I couldn't force myself to eat anything I don't like. Tripe yuk yuk yuk!! I like some herbs and spices but taragon I loathe.
Interesting thread. I'm not large, but any 'padding' I gain always goes on round the tum/bum/thighs, which I hate (particularly the thighs!). I have put on about half a stone over the last year of caring more intensely for mum. I hardly do any exercise these days, apart from rushing all over the house. I need to address this this year and get back out walking with my group.

Re a healthier diet and losing weight - the only thing that has ever worked for me is the 5:2 fasting diet. It's hard, but it really works. I found it really 'cleared my head' and my thinking became a lot sharper, but it had the added advantage of making my hot flushes disappear, albeit temporarily! This year I'm going to focus on reducing/removing sugar from my diet. Mum has had Type 2 Diabetes for a long time (controlled by pills) and now has VaD. I think it's probably sensible of me to try to avoid Diabetes, if possible. I am also now scared of the 'big D', although the 'big C' is on my mind too as that's what dad died of. I've just ordered 'The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet' by Michael Moseley. I guess a lot of it will be common sense, but it can't hurt to focus the mind a little! I'm not planning to follow a diet religiously as I'm not overweight as such, but I know how bad sugar is for health and have been gradually cutting out really bad stuff like cakes and desserts. I'm not a huge lover of potatoes and love fish and chicken, so really just need to be focusing on cutting out the carbs that leave those sugar deposits in the body. I've also rediscovered buckwheat, which is really, really healthy, so plan to eat loads of that too!

I have two large boxes of chocolates lurking in the cupboard which a well meaning friend gave to me for Christmas - they will be presented to the guys who wash my car next time I'm there!

The trick for me is not having the 'bad' stuff in the house, then I stand more chance!!!
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