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To Do In Kent

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I have just been blown out by an old friend for next weekend. We were supposed to be meeting up, having a meal etc having not seen each other for numerous years. Suddenly she isn't free.....

However this leaves us with next sunday, in Kent, with nothing to do. Hotel is already booked as we are spending the saturday with family & I don't want to just go home early - we don't get away a great deal.

So where can we spend an interesting day in the Kent area - must be wheelchair friendly & interesting for myself, my husband & our 15 year old boy. Most of all it needs to be cheap!

We have looked at the historic dockyards in Chatham but at £16 a head it is a bit much for us.

We are all quite interested in history so museums are good.

Any suggestions anyone?????
Hi there Debra...

http://www.visitkent.co.uk/explore/thed ... e=100&p1=c

This might help? Have a grat time whatever you choose to do.

Bell x
Where in Kent will you be based? I live in Kent!
PS Chatham Historic Dockyard is easily a two-day visit if you have time. The tickets give free re-entry for a year.
My daughter went to uni at Canterbury and I was amazed at the amount of stuff to see there and its all pretty flat too.
Thanks all - will nose through the website.

I don't know if we'd be able to back to the Chatham dockyards so couldn't make best use of the tickets. Also I notice on the website that it isn't all wheelchair friendly so we wouldn't be able to see it all anyway.

We are doing Canterbury on the saturday with my Mother In Law. As you so rightly say, Crocus, there is lots to do there.

Juggler - we will be based in Ashford where my husband grew up - I grew up in Tunbridge Wells.

Will continue our investigations.
Lovely place, Canterbury - I live here! Image Image
If the weather's good you can get an electric scooter to go around St Augustine's Abbey (did that with my big sis). I believe Canterbury Museum is okay for wheelchairs, Westgate Towers isn't, and I'm not sure about the Roman Museum. The Beaney Institute has recently re-opened so you should be able to get in there okay. I haven't been down to look at it yet but I think it should be interesting.
If you have time to take in a theatre production the Marlowe was redeveloped last year and is also good for wheelchairs. Not sure how much of the cathedral you can get into but I'm sure a good part of it is now accessible.
Lots of restaurants and coffee shops and decent shopping too.