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OK, the subject title was a joke to get your attention.

Actually I'm looking for a left-handed Microwave.
Or should that be a right-handed Microwave since all Microwaves are already left-handed?

From what I can see, all Microwaves are made with the hinge on the left-hand side, opening from right to left usually using the left hand. WHY?!!?
My wife could really benefit from a Microwave opening from left to right, with the hinge on the right-hand side. It would also be far safer in use, given where we have to situate it in our kitchen with limited space.

But do they exist?!!?!? Image
I tried searching but not many links came up that had answers. Most just had the question. I am surprised manufacturers not picked up on the fact so many people want them.

I did find one here but £429
Hmmm, that's a difficult one. They are very expensive, IF you can find one.
I looked at one where the door pulls down, but wondered if it would be too difficult to take the plate out, o.k if it were sited on a low worktop maybe?
Although I realised that this was a problem it was not until I married a left-handed man that I realised just how much of a problem and how costly being left-handed in a predominately right-handed society could be, the only benefit is that my husband soon realised that he could get me to do things which he did not want to do because it was such a hassle finding left-handed items Image Image .

Have you looked at built-in microwaves? Although I am not sure if they come in built-in? Most built-in appliances which I have come across can be either right- or left-handed, both my fridge and freezer doors can be hung either way.
What about one hinged at the bottom with the pull down door from the top?

LG ML2881CK Microwave and Grill, Black from John Lewis'. ?????????????????????????
Thanks for the replies. Image

I've seen a few pull-down door microwaves and wondered about them. Will have to go and have a look at one in the flesh. Really don't want to have to pay a lot, especially since you can get normal microwaves so cheap nowadays, £30 or less. It's really silly that ones with different doors are so much more expensive. The afflicted are always penalised when it comes to "specialist" equipment. Image
Would be good is doors could be reversed just like 'fridges/freezers but I'm guessing they're not, owing to safety issues.
Can you take your wife with you when you search for microwaves to see how she can handle the doors etc?
The only other cheaper models I've seen are the mini-ovens with the pull-down doors, but that's not what you're after. There are plenty of those around.
I wonder if it's because the controlls are always on the right hand side Gary. Both mine are like that. Maybe they cant fit the hinges up against the motor for some reason?
I can see why they wouldn't fit interchangable doors like fridges etc. It could cause a serious health risk if not done correctly. Image
Yes, it is difficulty for left-handed people living in a right-handed world. I have trouble with all things technical like screws, lids on pots and kitchen knives, altbough I have found Lakeland have some knives which are for the lefthanded. Hadn't thought about microwaves; just suffered with a deep sigh! I have a washing machine and fridge/freezer with doors opening on the right. Good luck with your search.
Neff Series 3 C54R60N3GB Microwave Oven with Right Hand Hinge in Stainless Steel
Google this, £485 I think. Image