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Language, Timothy!

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Collecting grandson from school recently, I overheard a dad shouting at his child, "Get back 'ere. How many times have I f****ing told you to stay off the f***ing road, you little s*it? You f***ing stay 'ere."
I was stunned. Poor child.
I was in a wool shop a few years ago when a little boy ran in. He was running from his mother,and I caught him.I said to her,"I know what it is like to have a child run off;never mind he is safe and sound now."She said to me,"I never f***ing wanted f***ing kids anyway,can't stand the f***ing b***ard."No wonder the poor thing was running away.The lady in the shop and me just looked at each other,we were both really upset that a mother could say such things.
It is horrible to hear,NanaNana, isn't it?
It's how everybody is round here, horribly depressing.
I hear the swearing all the time and kids just seem to get used to it sadly.

One of my pet hates is parents calling their babies "Mate". I just hate it. They often choose unusual or exotic names for their offspring and then call them "mate". I just hate it!
And we wonder why children grow up the way they do Image Image
I hear it all the time when I go in the shop on the estate, the ones that bug me is where the children are asking for sweets and the mother says f***k off I aint got money for sweets and then she buys 20 cigs and a bottle of vodka Image
My next door neighbours, their friends and all the family talk (well mainly shout) at their children like this all the time.

P'raps it's just me living in the 'sheltered' countryside, who doesn't hear these things often.
We rarely hear it here although that could be because we may not understand what is being said! Seriously though, the only time I have heard foul language is on the rare occasion that we have been in a "British" bar and someone or other (not just male) has had too much of the old sangria. I don't like to hear it and would definitely walk away from any situation if I had my daughters (despite their ages) and certainly if I had my grandson with me. Tony and I would not stay anywhere if someone was using bad language. I remember years ago (that sounds old!) when a man would never swear in front of a woman or a child and yet sadly today it is often the children swearing at the parents.

I know of one family where the children could embarrass a bunch of builders with the language they use and the whole family think it is hilarious when the 2 year old comes out with the "c" word. Without wanting to sound like an old fuddy duddy I just think it is totally put of order.

Bell x
Oh that poor child. That is awful.