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Just out of hospital

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On Monday I was admitted into hospital to have a small hernia repair, supposedly day surgery, however I was in quit a bit of pain, they made me stay in overnight.

Jan wanted to come with me, so we had a taxi with a wheelchair ramp to take me in, the plan was for it to take us back home when I was discharged later on Monday night.

As that didn't happen Jan was stuck with me all night. I'm very pleased to say that the experience for us (especially Jan) was so much better than the last time I was rushed into hospital as an emergency. This time they couldn't have been more helpful they let Jan have a bed in a side ward, and would have provided her with her medication if she hadn't had it with her.
I was discharged on Tuesday morning and we were back home by 11.15 am. I'm still very sore and my lower abdomen is well black and blue and looks like it has had 3 rounds with Mike Tyson. I'm not allowed to drive or lift anything for 2 weeks, so it will be a slow run (well hobble) up to Crimbo for us this year.
Glad you are safely home: I also thought a wee day hernia op would be nothing but it was pretty damned sore.
Take it easy Jim, I know it's easier said than done, nice to hear of a positive hospital experience.
Get well soon Jimbo - but dont push yourself too hard.

Hubby had a hernia repair several years ago now and it took quite a while before he was back to normal. I think that because an op is done as day surgery people assume that in a couple of days it will all be healed! Not true! Convalescence has become a dirty word these days.
Pleased to hear that all went well and you both had a good experience.
Take care and get well soon x
Jimbo, make sure you are taking the FULL dose of the pain killers they've given you, especially the anti inflammatories, which will help reduce the swelling. I have a scar right across my stomach, after my kidney was removed. I found the best thing was to go for a walk every day - my husband was alive then and told me that I WAS going for a walk, no excuses!! I started the walks in the posture of neandearthal woman, but just going very, very slowly to start with, I found once I'd warmed up and the blood had started chugging round, it eased everything in the stomach area. Just aim to go a little further each day. Hope you soon feel better.
Hi Jimbo, glad to hear it went well mate. Try and not do too much.
Our son had his done in New Zealand three months ago. He seemed to get over his pretty quick.
Back at work chefing in a week, but had to take it easy for a while. Image
My husband had a hernia repair (inguinal) and I had a prolapse fixed but due to the pressures of caring its all back again on both of us - waste of time getting the surgery for us Image ( also have an umbilical hernia but have had it since birth. Both our surgeries need doing again but our level of caring is even more intense than it was the last time so we just have to put up with our problems.

Thank you all for your kind words and advice, I will do my best to follow it. I hope I don't get a bike for Christmas, and, for some reason, I seem to have gone off aubergines too. Image
GWS and HUGS!!!!