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Just had a hip replacement

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Hi, just back here from the other side so to speak! Just had a hip replacement 3 years overdue thanks largely to covid. Can't wait to start leaping around again - sorry dry humour.
Oh Henrietta, so pleased for you. How much post op are you? Is your pain managed ok. Do your exercises religiously!!! Do you have any one to help you with the tasks you can't do at the moment?

Great news! Hope you're running around now! Well, perhaps not in this heat...
Hi Henrietta,
Thank goodness it's been done at last! Make sure you have your 6 weeks free Rehab care.
I only needed it to have the compression socks removed, washed, and new ones on, after my knee operations.
Be sure to take the pills and do the exercises!
So pleased for you ,such a long time to wait.
Please keep in touch.
Take care of yourself
Congratulations, Henrietta! Hope you are running around soon.
Hi Melly, Charles BB, Pet and Greta
Lovely to hear from you all. hanks - I am 10 days post op today. I was discharged on Saturday , day 3 as soon as physio had seen me manage 2 steps up and 2 down on crutches. I went to stay with the helicopters for 3 nights- they do have their uses! and returned home Monday. I've had to have daily dressing changes but district nurses seem to be a thing of the past. I didn't get any care package BB- just a one way ticket out the hospital. You don't get district nurses either- I've had to have friends take me appointments in various places for dressing changes and I could only get a couple of appointments so friend changed it for me on other days. All our local surgeries have sort of merged so you could end up anywhere if you amange to make an apt in the first place. Apparently there was a 7 hour wait at out local A & E on Monday afternoon- that is where 111 tried to send me in the end but it would have been easier to return to the hospital where I had the procedure than wait there.
I must say on the plus side I've had lovely care when I've had it but it is actually navigating the snakes on the board that is the tricky bit to get seen by someone. Draining less today and very pleased with how even I'm feeling. It's been a very long time since all my body parts have been pulling in the sme direction :shock: :D
Hey, personal trainer here. I worked with a guy for about 6 months who had both hips replaced in his 30's due to necrosis from a lack of blood flow. He is in his late 60's now, can row at a competitive level, do over 30 hanging leg raises, and do unassisted chin ups and dips. He is stronger and better conditioned than 80% of guys in their 20's.

He also has not had to have his replacements redone yet!

Keep active, keep your body weight down, and have a great life!
My Dad just had his hip replaced not long ago. He had the option to be put asleep but decided against it and just listened to his Ipod while they chopped away at him. I thought that was pretty hard core. I'm fairly confident I'll need to get mine done sooner rather then later, its already started bothering me. What is the expected life span of your new hip? Will you have to get it replaced again in 10-20 years?
They only know the life span of things when they begin to fail, which makes answering questions like that difficult. My mum had hers done when she was about 54, lasted until she died when was 87.