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Jobs for Students?

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My son is currently doing his senior year at school and is looking for part time work at the weekends. Anyone know of a good web site to look? He's almost 17.
Have you tried his local connexions centre? Sometimes they are able to point you in the right direction for age appropriate work related websites. The trouble with many of us is that we've probably been on New Deal which looks at appropriate websites for adults which might not be up to the standards that he needs.

It could be worth his while making an appointment to speak to an advisor and mull over his options from where he is in his life right now, too because he may be able to get work based training that fits around his other commitments if a job isn't forthcoming.
Now is the time to get out to supermarkets and their small 'metro' shops as the students will be back very soon and will be looking for part-time/casual workers and those students will be looking for jobs as well.
In days gone by McD's used to be a good bet for students.
My lad just went around the town asking & checking for signs in shop windows!
He got a saturday job, is still there and loves it.
My girls did exactly the same thing, niether have been able to find anything, timing & luck of the draw I suppose.
The big stores will soon be asking for temporary workers ready for the Christmas rush, they usually employ from October to end of January and it might lead to permanent employment if he makes a good impression.
Yes I was thinking that this is a good time to start looking at Christmas vacancies. He hopes to go to college to do child care next year. The government are trying to get more young men into the field of child care as it's a predominately female enviroment at the moment so this alone should give him the edge when it comes to looking for a placement. He just needs to get out and earn some pocket money at this stage now Image
I love the way men are going into child care nowdays its good for the children and in the males going into it it shows they are caring. Male midwives were unheard of years ago and I had the first male midwife in Calderdale deliver Sarah and he was lovely.
plenty of jobs with zero hours
plenty of jobs with zero hours
What do you mean?