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It's been a long time

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Hi all,
Well it has been a long time since I have been on the forum, nearly a year and a quarter, my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2016, during 2017 along with mental health issues, she had the lump cut out, had three months of Chemo, a month of radiotherapy and a year of Heceptin injections.
She went for a routine mammogram and ultra sound, when the results came back and saw a consultant, I was expecting him to say everything was okay, but when he said "unfortunately" it was like being hit by a train, my heart sank, my wife went into panic mode, it was a very grueling time for both of us, she lost all of her hair every where, her dental treatment that she was having done at the time was put on hold, it took a lot of reasurance and comfort, thankfully I had her sister to give me hand, when having the radiotherapy, we had to go to Oxford every day for a month (60 mile round trip every day), in there for just 10 minutes.
Due to her low immune system the house had to be kept spotless due to germs, what made it even worse was when the flu epidemic did it's rounds she was picking up everything, even got to thee point that she was too scared to got out of the house, I felt so sorry for her.
All of the treatment has now finished and has been put on a hormone replacement tablet for 5 years, along with a bone density scan, she is in remisune for the next 5 years.
Also during this time, we found out that our dog had an issue where the immune system was attacking the red blood cells and killing them off, so she had to be put on steriods for the rest of her life, unfortunately this makes her extremely hungry and eating everything in sight, it is like watching a walking hoover, but in turn I have to watch out as her immune system is also very low and can also pick things up.
Thankfully things are starting to look up a bit now, but at the back of my mind I'm always thinking when the next issue is going to raise it's head.
I hope that all of you are okay.Best wishes
Hi Mark :)
I've only joined quite recently as going through a very tough time when my world fell apart.
Welcome back though, sorry to hear things have been hard
Hi Mark
So sorry to hear all that you have been through. I think lots of us identify with that 'I'm ok until the next issue' feeling. Every so often just take a few minutes, or even one, and calmly sit and listen to your breathing, nothing else.
It's part of mindfulness and helps you concentrate on the present rather than the future