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Is this information correct

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I am now 65 and last week phoned my Dr's about my pneumonia vaccination.
The Dr gave a message to the receptionist, she explained that I will not be called in just because I am 65 but they will contact me sometime this year when they get the vaccine in?
Is this correct?
I explained that I have 2 men who rely on me and I am trying to remain healthy in order as to not be a burden to any of the services.
I have the same problem, my husband is 90 and has had his jab because of age and multiple ailments.
I am his full time carer but not eligible for jab yet (72 this year).
I had a letter from NHS this morning inviting me to make an appointment for the vaccine jab but the nearest place is over 20 miles away in a town I don't know. Would have to take my husband with me (he's on oxygen and it would be time limited before it ran out on his portable machine). Simply not practical, other venues were up to 60 miles from home.
Husband had his vaccine at the local hospital 2 miles away.
I presume I just wait until our GP surgery gets in touch to invite me to a local venue.
If you are over 70 you are eligible. I'm 73 and I had mine. I believe in your circumstances it is OK to call the GP, although it does depend on the practice. Do you belong to a local Facebook group, for example (I only use Facebook for a local group)? Because it depends a bit on your area and there might be more people with experience of the situation there.
Hi Sue
Is it not possible for you to contact the hospital where your Husband had his vaccination and explain your circumstances; I do believe that they would be accommodating.
I don't know who is responsible for the rollout of the vaccine in your area but if you can't arrange a vaccine at your hospital then maybe contact your local MP.
It's dreadful how this situation with the Covid jab is causing many Carers like myself more anxiety.
My Husband has had his Covid Jab yet my Dr's haven't invited me in as yet; hopefully soon!
My Son who has many health problems, the last being a stroke that affected him very badly has not been invited for a Covid vaccine and to me this is wrong!
They are more vulnerable in my opinion yet without my care where would they be!
I hope you can resolve this issue soon.
I am going to contact my local MP on Monday about and discuss my concerns; it's just not good enough!
Hi Greta
I think that your response is for Sue.
It's good to hear that you have had your vaccine though.
I do agree that it depends on one's own Dr's practise.
Hi Huegetart,
I'm sorry, I didn't see that you started the thread. I don't know anything about pneumonia jabs, sorry. I hope your information got back to the GP.