Is there mobile Wi-Fi on Giff-Gaff

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Hi guys. I've been recommended Giff-Gaff and have tried looking up info on them. I can't find any info on if they do mobile Wi-Fi. I have a laptop, not a smart mobile phone that I have 3 Network with on a rolling contract, and am thinking about changing internet provider.
Hi - my son (who's a long time GG user) recently put my new phone onto Giff Gaff. It does say (ie, the phone tells me) that 'Wi Fi networks are availalbe' and when I hit the' find networks' image it tells me my brother's network is available (I'm staying with him at the mo), so I think that hopefully the answer to your question is yes.

GG does seem very good - there's no contract, and you can start out at a fiver a month for a certain amount of data and air time etc, and then go on from there. I don't download live streaming movies (or whatever is the heavy stuff!) so I've gone for £7.50 a month, with loads of text/voice minutes, and my google email and lots of other 'stuff'. The Sim arrived in a couple of days and my son set it up for me.

From what I understand when I want to stop GG I just cancel the £7.50 monthly payment at any time.

So far, I'd definitely recommend it. Mainly because of the no contract, no commitment etc. I bought the phone myself, so I'm not tied in that way either.

Good luck with it if you go for it.
Yes, it does do mobile wi-fi. It is fine. I used it for a while but then I needed customer support and first I was referred to the forum, where I got a lot of silly answers from people criticizing what I wanted to do, and then it took a while to get someone to advise me. They run on a shoestring so you may have to get advice from other users. I had never had an answering machine where I could not speak my own text, but apparently that is normal in this country. It took ages to sort it out and as I say, I got other users telling me I was being silly.
Apart from that, Giff Gaff is OK.
This was all on a smart phone, by the way, I didn't use it on a laptop, if that's what you mean.