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What a cracking final well done any Murray
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CAMERON has said he knows of no one who deserves a Knighthood more then ANDY MURRAY ...I do ...and it aint me ..if ANDY accepts a Knighthood do you think he should tell us if he will vote for an independent Scotland ?or should we keep politics out of sport like we did not during the Olympics / Paralympics ....queuing up to get on the MURRAY bandwagon ......
George, Andy won't be able to vote for Scottish independence as he lives in England/Miami. What is having a knighthood or not got to do with what country in the UK you are from? Its about time they got rid of this 'Henman Hill" nonsense. Henman hasn't played tennis for years and has come nowhere close to the heights that Andy has reached. If Henman was any sort of man he'd tell the press to stop calling it that. Or do the English want to wait another 77 years before anyone English wins Wimbledon before they change the name?

Well Done Andy Murray.
I admire what he did with his winnings from the Queens Tournament. He donated it all to the Royal Marsden Hospital.
The only thing that spoilt yesterdays match for me, (and so much so that I very nearly turned the TV off), was the BBC kept showing David Cameron in the Royal Box. I would have preferred to see Wayne Rooney than him.
Please remember that he is the first MEN'S champion for 77 years. Virginia Wade won in 1977!
yes, the year of the Queen's Silver Jubilee!
MURRAY is registered to vote in Dunblane and I agree the rubbish over these sportsman like HENMAN is beyond a joke ..for many it would be ridiculous for him to accept a Knighthood from H.M. QUEEEN then vote for a free Scotland unless ALEC SALMOND retains the QUEEN as head of state ? VIRGINIA WADE should she have been made a Dame ?
Well done Murray!
Is it just me or was Cameron looking a bit chunky?
Good old ANDY bought a round of drinks in posh club.....he paid the equivalent of two years carers allowance .....