Is it just me?

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Awful, don't like it at all.
Sorry I don't like the cake ! I can see where it is coming from as from the little one
sat on the cake with a Xbox control and that it is supposed to be a game ,
and I know these kid's have violent games but on a cake no sorry
My grandson is seven and spends more time than I like on he Xbox. However the games he plays are all about jumping and crashing into things in order to get from a to b. Even his stepdad who is equally addicted doesn't play these sorts of games.

Did anyone see the report last week that Tesco had accidently put a colouring book on their shelves that was full of graphic images from horror movies!!
I find the cake disturbing, wouldn't be happy for any of my teenage kids to receive it either. If that makes me be it.
Yes saw bit on gory colouring book, not suitable for kids and didn't think any over 18 would want it either!
sure it`s wrong, I was raised watching captain pugwash
sure it`s wrong, I was raised watching captain pugwash

Me too George!

I found the cake both sad and worrying. So sad that anyone would agree to take on such a job when having full knowledge of the child's age and of course worrying that any parent would be allowing a child so yo g to play these games in the first place. Bring back Pugwash, that's what I say!

Bell x
Not good!
I have just seen a wedding cake that is similar, on Facebook. A bride and groom, back to back holding guns,with "blood" dripping all over the place. What a sad world we live in. Image