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a Q for the PC gamers / audiophiles - Carers UK Forum

a Q for the PC gamers / audiophiles

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i asked this on a marine forum i am a member on but as per usual because i am not part of the clique on the forum my post is ignored bar 1 reply.

So i shall ask on here as i am bount to get an answer from far more mature people.

I am looking at upgrading my gaming PC sound shortly.
For years i have always just used the on board sound card. But having been talking to other gamers they all tell me i have been missing out by not having a dedicated sound card.

I have seen the sound card i will be getting , but i am really struggling to find good 5.1 surround sound system for PC.

i have set my self the budget of £100 absolute max , i know this may sound a lot but hey i dont drink , i dont smoke so this is a bit of a treat to my self.

So anyone out there who is into sound with some ideas on 5.1 surround sound with sub for around £100.
I have seen a nice system on overclockers ( pc forum / shop ) but would like to shop around for other alternatives.
I listen to a hell of a lot of music some movies so really need to be good sound all around.

if it at all possible to have Optical connection as the sound card has optical option.

I cant afford to go down the route of sep amp , sub , speakers like some people do as i know someone who plays games and his sound system is worth £9000 Image
James I'm really sorry but you're talking double dutch as far as I'm concerned Image Image Image Image Image

Hopefully someone will be along soon who speaks the same language Image
lol no worries Susie, most of this sound stuff is above me ...
well when compared to some folk i talk to.

Its insane what some people are spending on home cinema systems , i am surprised some are even legal as they are that powerful . i feel sorry for the neighbours.

Thankfully my neighbour is into the same music as i am and often knocks on the wall for me to turn it up lol.

but someone on the marine forum uses speakers and amps etc that cost him well over £12,000.
All way too techie for me. Image Good luck in finding out the info you need.
My son who has a 2:1 Honours degree in Computer Games Technology would probably be able to help you with this but he is at the Children's Hospice for respite but I will show him your post when he comes back and see if he can help.

that would be great Eun cheers.

Just hope he comes up with something affordable hehe.. unlike some of my online gaming mates lol.

some of them game for a living and are sponsored .
as a result some are so far gone up their own rear end they think they know all lol....

one of them tried telling me the sound card is fine BUT best to buy a separate amp around £2300 and then professional speakers at £550 each Image no thanks lol.

Sussex i tend to take reviews with a pinch of salt these days , partly because most are false . or just fools messing around.
like something else i was going to buy last year , was rated 1 absolute rubbish, the person complained that it arrived in to many parts and was to heavy to lift ....
well hey it was flat pack and did state the weight in the description lol.

seen a home cinema system at 100 watts output that is within my budget and from what i can find it has a nice powerful sub .

But i will wait and hear back from Eun / son