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Insurance quote!!!!

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My car insurance is due for renewal early march. Just had a quote from Swinton's of £1,728 on a 1300 cc engine car, I'm in my 50's, no convictions/fines/etc and I have 5yrs no claims bonus. My insurance was £700 last year, so I don't understand why it's jumped by a grand.
Needless to say, I'll be shopping around. Think I've just about recovered from the shock now!
Don't blame you. My OH always uses different insurers each time to get best deal. Used to pay you to be loyal to one but not any more.
I've stayed with the Co-Op for the last few years as even after shopping around they have been the cheapest Image

I've got a 2011 Peugeot 207 Active, max no claims, fully comprehensive, comparable or better replacement car if necessary = £286 per year Image

It's usually better to go directly to the insurance company as brokers, like Swinton, will make a 'handling' charge.
That Swinton man (cold call, I didn't ring them) was definitely taking the piss. I put the telly on sub titles so's mum could carry on watching it and rang around a few companies. They vary from £379 - £770, with exactly the same, correct info. Of course, having an address in Liverpool that was smack bang in the middle of a riot zone 2 years ago doesn't help, but even so £1,728 is totally ridiculous. According to the internet my car's only worth £410 (priceless to me) and it's not like I'm a boy racer!!!!
I wonder what his commission would've been had I been daft enough to accept his insane quote.
The thing is I am currently with Admiral, not Swinton. I was with them 3 years ago. I've changed each year. If Admiral behave like all my past insurers (still haven't rang them yet) they will wallop up my premium. All the others did, that's why I changed. The rain is battering down, but at least the wind has lessened.
I've managed to get fully comp, windscreen cover and protected no claims from dad's local broker for just under £360.... that's more like it.

Pity this poor sod on the link below. Hate to be in his position regarding renewing insurance. About 10 minutes walk away from where my parents live. Fortunately we live a bit more inland, although they used to live just 20 yards from the Irish Sea sea wall.

All the comparison websites are pretty good but a few major companies arent on them like Direct Line (Which Im with) they are very good but my premium has stayed the same for a few years now (give or take a few quid, up and down). I will be looking for another company when it is up for renewal as I know I can get a good quote. I pay around £400 Fully comp for a 1.8 vectra (its old but still does the job).

I had a relative that used to work in insurance and she said that if there is a major disaster etc then premiums usually do go up which actually went along with my premiums... So I guess with all the floods, and devastation from mother nature all insurances could rocket.

I heard on the tv/radio today that some companies refused to payout to some people (think it was a tree that fell on their car) because it was 'an act of god'!!!!!!! Shocking!!! Perhaps I could use that excuse from now on (for alot of things)
As has been said by others, it's well worth checking the comparison sites (I have used confused.com in past years) as you can see a clear list of prices, provider and cover offered. One year I 'switched' to the same provider as the 'confused' website quoted a lower price than my renewal from them. I called them and they said this was perfectly OK! As will all things, it really pays to shop around.