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Bottle banks

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S and I were taking some clothes, paper and glass to be recycled today. We went to four different places but none had bottle banks any more. Very infuriating, dropping bottles into the bottle bank is very therapeutic.
Do you still have bottle banks where you live?

Usually at the council Household waste Recycling Facility
Our council have a monthly glass collection now, really efficient, they send a reminder the day before the collection. Now I know who the alcoholics are in our road, with bins piled high!!! We still have lots of drop off points though.
Colin, I meant in addition to the council tip. Our tip has limited hours and long queues at weekends whereas the bottle banks at the local shops, main supermarkets etc were available at anytime and much closer.

BB, our recycling hasn't been collected for almost a month due to a strike. Plus dropping bottles in a bin isn't nearly as therapeutic as dropping them into the bottle bank. ( These bottles were given to us for that very purpose, but suddenly all the bottle banks have disappeared...)

Interesting question Melly. We still have one I know of on the edge of a village recreation ground but can't immediately think of any others.
However when I search our local district council 'recycling banks' comes up with 30 sites and details of what each will take, so we are quite well catered for here in this part of sunny South East
Oh yes Melly the garden bin of mine hasn't been emptied for a month, and he normal refuge for 3 weeks. As I've had a skip I've made use with recycling stuff and garden cuttings. Very irritating isn't it.I haven't seen any bottle banks for ages.
I wonder whether there are still any bottle making plants remaining in the UK?

I visited one near Wigan about 35 years ago.