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If you had £60,000! - Carers UK Forum

If you had £60,000!

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If you had £60,000, and someone else had £90,000, and each of you received £10,000 in income every year, how would you feel if the person with £90k could now only get their £10k a year if you give them your £10k a year from now on?

Would you do it? Even though they already had £90k, which is £30k more than you have? Would you give them your future income so they can continue to receive their future income?

What about if £ were 'years of life'? (at the rate of, in this example, of one year for every £10,000)

But it is one way of looking at 'the cost of caring'......

(though neither kind nor generous....)
Hi Jenny

Give me time with my response...morphine induced fog brain at the moment

Sorry Jenny but to me your 1st comment is too far out. There are some things you cannot put a monetary price on and that is caring, or at least the relationships therein.

Cost of replacement care yes, but nothing else.
Given the choice of money/winning the lottery or having my loved ones back, I would chose the latter every time.
OH is on borrowed time, no amount of money can get him more. But it is an interesting topic and is bound to engender a lot of opinions.

I'm a bit confused but trying to understand where you're coming from. I'm assuming this is something to do with your MIL and maybe you are thinking of paying £10K a year to put paid carers in place for her, so that the pressure will be taken off you a bit?

Is MIL's £90K tied up in such a way that the capital can't be spent down, as it is in some way generating her income of £10K? Maybe you you speak to a financial adviser?

I fully understand why you want paid carers supporting your MIL, so that you don't have to be her full time carer, but I'm confused about why you need to pay for it yourself if she has £90K? Sorry if I've misunderstood the situation, but my gut reaction is that you're running a risk of leaving yourself short of income later down the line, so it would be best to persuade MIL to pay for the carers herself.

(Not prying, but feel free to PM me if you want to discuss this in private.)
Shewolf what Jenny is trying to say is:

If you had 60 (£60,000) years of life and someone else had 90 (£90,000) years of life, would you give up a year (£10,000) of your life so that they could have another year added onto theirs.

In my own case in relation to my Mother, yes I would have done so.
Susie, I fully understand where you're coming from, but I interpreted the post in a completely different way, so I'm hoping Jenny will be along to clarify things soon.

I'm sure that many people who have been bereaved (Jenny included) would give every penny they had, or would be prepared to shorten their own lives, if it would bring back their loved ones. However, maybe that's not what Jenny was trying to discuss here?

Have I missed something, I thought Jenny was just asking about money ?

Tilly, I think it is a case of different people interpreting the post in different ways, the answer would depend on which context Jenny meant when posting the question. :)