Iceberg tourists flock to Newfoundland town

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Iceberg Alley ... NewfoundLand ... earlier this week ... as if dropping in for a cuppa before heading out to play with
passing ships ... like the SS Titanic , now some 107 years ago ;


Not to be outdone , other end of the planet ... Antartica ... under the midnight sun during their summer in January :

You have come full circle Chris. 1st pic you posted in post above is akin to the one you sent me that started this topic off ;)
Same houses in view but a huge difference in the bergs.

Perhaps they sell the best fruitcake to go along with the tea ?

Even a quick wash and brush up so as to look nice and shiny before heading out into the Atlantic
... mating season ahead , perhaps ?

( Plenty of video clips of icebergs being carved ... born ... just look at the size of their mothers !
Some would completely cover England ... some , Scotland and Wales as well ! )

Plenty of icebergs around ... a little more in the global warmimg department and ... Greenland
... on that Gulf Stream route that keeps us warm in winter.

Turn that off and ... may be possible to walk to France without the need of welly boots !
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Sat Jun 22, 2019 12:41 pm
Turn that off and ... may be possible to walk to France without the need of welly boots !
hope you have some slingback wellies for us geordies … :o :shock: ;) :D
What's the world coming to ... no supplies of shoes / boots on YOUR manor ???

A speckled hen for the lot ... delivery by horse and cart extra !

If security guards are needed after Darlo , that's extra as well !

Room for that Shearer of yours on the back if those poor over 75s cannot pay his brick sized wedge !

Thunderstorms are popular as I type ... although , here in Worksop ... not enough rain to wet a tea bag ... so far :

Ramsgate , North Kent ... this very morning :


An underpass for pedestrians in Stirling , Scotland ... a NO DIVING sign at either end ?

If off to the Job Centre , I trust they won't be sanctioned for being a few minutes late ?

" Your sanctioned ! Not my fault that your wheelchair doesn't convert to a hovercraft ! "

Icebergs and the Northern Lights ?

From Friday , 9 August ... don't expect to see a dark sky this time of the year !

67 posts