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My lovely new car... - Carers UK Forum

My lovely new car...

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...is probably a write off. RAC man reckons the back axle is gone.
I was waiting in a queue of traffic on the M2 when an idiot ploughed into me at speed. I was spun around and ended up in a ditch.
Ambulance crew checked me over and I'm okay I think but will need to keep a check on things as my back is now playing up - I've had a back problem for a good few years and had surgery on my spine in 2002.
Bought the car two months ago tomorrow...
Consult a very good lawyer. Image
Oh No !!! Image Image Image Image Image Image
Im so glad you are OK, that could have been terrible.
As the police said to me after our dreadful accident "you are OK - thats just a bit of tin."

Yes, I know its upsetting that its gone, cos I know how much you love it, but still.......
Oh, Juggler, that is dreadful. So sorry to hear about that. Make sure you are OK. Cars can be replaced but you can't.
Sorry about your new car , but really glad you are ok , like you say keep an eye on your back , if your not sure off to A&E with you , take care , June x
So pleased that you are ok, but gutted about your new car xx
I think the RAC has reinstated the free legal advice with membership - get advice asap, they will tell you if you need to get your back checked promptly (and by whom) in case there is a later problem. You might miss out on compensation you could reasonably expect from the idiot driver - and they will not be adequately punished for brain-dead driving.

Although my car is far from new, it is sporty, so I do know what fun it is to have a lively drive - I sympathise.

Look after yourself.
What a relief that you are alright Juggler, what a shame about the car, I know how pleased you were with it. x x
Oh dear Juggler Image
Sorry about the car, but you're more important, glad you are o.k, but get checked out just to be sure.
Big (((hugs))) xxxx
Thanks for your support everyone, here, on roll call and by pm. The adrenalin gave way to exhaustion yesterday afternoon and evening so hopefully I'll manage to pick up from here.