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A rather random question but I can't see what settings I need to change.
My local daily newspaper on line keeps comiong up with a reader survey and won't let you read the article until you have completed a question or two of a multiple choice survey. All the answers are in teh form of greyed out buttons of which you are meant to select one and can then proceed to read the article.
All my buttons are greyed out and I am unable to select any of them and turn it black to be accepted as an answer.
Advice most welcome please!
In a similar situation I noticed that I had to register with the on-line paper before I could comment on an article or answer a survey - perhaps it's something similar ?
H Susie
If I log in with my account info I don't get the market research survey but I get squirly windows circles while annoying advert videos open up. They won't let you view the site using ad blockers any more. I was trying to view as a none account holder which seems to stop the videos (perhaps they will come once I get past the survey) but it won't let me read the article once this survey pops up and I cant skip it because the skip button is also greyed out.
that all sounds very annoying ! I hate all the ads too and always have my ad blocker on.

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Hi Susie- I don't think I was trying to do either LOL