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I'm so proud

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You might not need one at all! If they are on a phone, you might be able to do it with "Bluetooth" - my son can do this with my printer, but my phone is too ancient. If you are trying to do it with a digital camera, you probably just need one with a USB connection on one end, and with a tiny fitting on the other end, which looks a bit like a tiny USB that someones squashed into a non rectangle. Once you've plugged in the cable, the printer and camera seem to say hello to each other without you needing to do much. My camera (not brand new, a fairly basic Olympus, about eight years old) just seems to know and asks on screen if I want to transfer some pictures. Alternatively, depending on the memory card in your camera, you might just be able to take it out of the camera and pop it into a little slot in the printer. Personally I prefer the cable method as I know at some stage I'd leave the card in the printer by accident!
Thank you folks it's so lovely to have my achievemnet recognised Image Image
I was so elated I was about throwing an "I installed a printer on pc party" until my daughter said "mmm mine was easy took about 20 mins" sigh!!!

Next project is how to post photos on the pc, that's delayed until I can A) find all the cables etc, B) figure out which one plugs in where Image Image
You might be some time then! Image Image Image
And It's all simples Image Image

When you've learnt the hard way and c---ked it all up at times Image

And now I can nick pictures from anywhere Image

trial and error comes to mind Image Image Image Image
We have an IT expert who sorts out problems for us in exchange for tea and lawn mower repairs. My autistic great nephew would be my next port of call though. He is a wizard with all techno stuff.

I need to be shown what to do, then write myself notes on what I have seen, practice a lot when nobody is looking and fingers crossed when I have to do it for real.

My older friends here will know it has taken me five years to copy and paste and still can`t copy links!.....I am not old enough to be a silver surfer either.....yet.xx

Poppet go to page you want to link left click the address bar and it turns Blue
then right click on your mouse a box comes up click on copy
then go back to the page your writing on and right click your mouse and click
Paste and your link should appear YOU ARE USING TWO PAGES
Hope you understand this
I've given up trying to cut and paste on this system, it never works for me - and I've been writing 20 page magazines on a computer for almost 20 years now. Life's too short.
cheryl well done but wait till you see the price of printer ink now days, i think i read something in the daily mail other week, it said it cost more than champagne Image
True, but I can make my ink cartridge last longer than an hour.