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I'm so proud - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

I'm so proud

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I have a mobile phone too Penny, but I keep it very quiet! Image Image Image Image Image
well done
well done, i'm very impressed
Well done!
I leave the technical stuff to the kids Image
cheryl well done but wait till you see the price of printer ink now days, i think i read something in the daily mail other week, it said it cost more than champagne Image
We have our own resident computer expert - our son - who has a computing degree and is a programmer. He has a t shirt he bought himself and the slogan on it says: "No, I will not fix your computer" Strangely every time he wears it either his or our computer breaks down Image

Charles he is just like the guys in the computer shop though - no patience with his non computer savvy parents. "But I've showed you once already" Like we're supposed to pick things up after one showing!!

We have an IT expert who sorts out problems for us in exchange for tea and lawn mower repairs. My autistic great nephew would be my next port of call though. He is a wizard with all techno stuff.

I need to be shown what to do, then write myself notes on what I have seen, practice a lot when nobody is looking and fingers crossed when I have to do it for real.

My older friends here will know it has taken me five years to copy and paste and still can`t copy links!.....I am not old enough to be a silver surfer either.....yet.xx
I always check on the price of the ink before I buy a printer. If you buy a printer which has a large black cartridge, and set the printer to print in black only, and print on the "draft" setting you can save an awful lot of ink, but draft is still perfectly legible. Finding the "draft" setting isn't always obvious. If you click on "File" near top left hand side of the screen, you will find a drop down menu which says "Print". Click on this and another page comes up. In the box which appears, look at the top right hand side which says "Properties". On the next screen which appears, with another box, there's a little box at the bottom right hand corner which says "Advanced". Click on this, go down the page, and then it will ask you something like do you want to print in Best or Draft quality? I used to write a magazine for a club, my ink bill was simply horrendous when I used a large inkjet. Apart from the front cover it was all printed in draft and no one realised!
well done Cheryl!

Thank you folks it's so lovely to have my achievemnet recognised Image Image
I was so elated I was about throwing an "I installed a printer on pc party" until my daughter said "mmm mine was easy took about 20 mins" sigh!!!

Next project is how to post photos on the pc, that's delayed until I can A) find all the cables etc, B) figure out which one plugs in where Image Image