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I'm so proud

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Yesterday I installed my wireless printer onto my laptop......it only took me approx 4 hours 10 cups of tea.....and I only bit the table once Image Image Image

Oh yes only 2 breaks to have a lie down Image
What you like... Image

I love IT: the way they make it so user-friendly. And then the assistants in the shop you got it from give you "that" look. The one that says: "but an idiot can do this..."

I'll stop there - it's too early for a rant!
Congratulations, Cheryl. You should be proud ... and only tea. I would have hit the gin before long Image
Oh well done Cheryl!
Beat my record by a mile! Image Image Image
Well done Cheryl, it's a good feeling when it's finally done Image
After 1 hour and 3 cups of tea i would have given up, WELL DONE Image Image i'll call you when i have IT problem, which is normally about once a week. Image you should be proud of yourself.
Very well done, I always have to call our 'computer lady' Caroline, when I need any thing from installing a new program to sorting out those funny things that happen to all our computers from time to time. Mind you she usually has 1 cup of coffee.
I bought a wireless printer a while ago, great fun when someone asks you to print something off, you're typing on the laptop and all of a sudden the printer starts somewhere else. Mine's in my garage conversion at the moment, but I can be sat in the lounge in front of the fire (as I am now) and it will be printing in the garage!
I am seriously impressed Cheryl. Image To do what you did would be the equivalent of me finding my way to the moon. If I'm interested in stuff (like USING the computer, digital photography etc) then I crack on and do it but if I'm not interested in something I can't even think in that mode.

Like mobile phones - I have one for emergencies but it is not part of my daily life and I quite detest it. I have only recently learned how to send a text because my kids laughed at me! Image

My son has degrees in both computer science and electronic engineering so he would do stuff like that for me which makes me lazy I guess.