New Arrival

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This little one landed on our balcony. Not sure if it is a he or she but she is very emancipated. I've fed her for a few days hoping to build her up a little but yesterday she just wouldn't move to eat or drink. Going to take her to vets in a moment but not sure what will happen then as I really can't keep this little one with the three dogs in our tiny flat..... Just hate to see any animal suffer.

Wish this little soul luck - I think she is going to need a miracle to survive.

Bell x
I can't have a cat i'm allergic to them, but am i drunk or is that picture upside down Image
Phew Royd, thank goodness you said that, I couldn't work the picture out until you mentioned it might be upside down Image Image

Bell, hope the vets can help. You have a good heart xx
Poor little mite Image
The poor thing shes all skin and bones, how can anyone be so cruel is beyond me, if I was in Spain I would take her x
I would have her in an instant. Shes lovely.
Sadly, Stray went to Rainbow bridge yesterday. Took her to the vet as she stopped eating and drinking which in this heat was a very poor sign. After tests it was shown that he had feline leukaemia and severe ringworm. Vet advised that we should let him go peacefully.

RIP little man and glad to share some special moments with you in your final days.

Bell x
At least at the end he found someone to show him a little love.
Poor baby he never stood a chance but at least his last few hours were his happiest