I have just watched a great film

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I have just watched a great film, It's a true story of two men who should never have met, a quadriplegic aristocrat, injured in a paragliding accident, and a young man from a rough housing estate.

the film is very funny, and shows a Carer, as a fun, and complex character in his own right (which make a change from the normal 'manic depressive serial killers', that we are usually made out to be).

It's a French film, with English subtitles.

If you are in 'Love films' or any other DVD rental scheme, I recommend that you see if you can get hold of a copy.

Oops Image I nearly for got to tell you what it's called der! It's called:
Untouchable (it was made in 2011)

I do hope some of you get the chance to see it, and that you enjoy it as much as Jan and I did.
Thanks Jimbo.
here is the trailer for it

Have put on my Christmas gift list Image Image