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I HATE Cristmas - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

I HATE Cristmas

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I agree that Christmas is massively over commercialised but you get things like this that just melt your heart.
My inner Scrooge melted a lot today, all courtesy of my nephew. Like a lot of young men (despite his degree and re-training as a plumber) he’s unemployed and brassic.
So he decided to make his girlfriend a Christmas present. He spent practically all day in my father’s workshop making it.

He scrounged two pie tins and two saucepans from his mum that she never uses, plus angle irons and nuts and bolts from my dad. He needed four feet for his pressie, so he rummaged through his granddad’s large box of assorted handles leftover from my dad’s (my dad never throws anything away) kitchen fitting days. He selected four pine knobs.
Dad and me where really intrigued as to what on earth he was going to make from this rather odd assortment of objects: A tea light heater.

His girlfriend has a cold spot where she normally sits, and these tea light heaters are good at warming a small area apparently (I’ve never heard of them.)

He got the idea of the net. He first tried using terracotta plant pots, but that didn’t work as they absorbed the heat rather than threw it out. So that explains why he was on the scrounge for any spare plant pots we might have kicking around a few days ago.
He then got the idea of using metal instead; hence the old sauce pans.

The smaller, inner saucepan has loads of holes drilled in its base, and there’s an inch gap created by a sleeve of copper tube over the bolt joining the hat to the larger saucepan and inner saucepan. You put four tea lights on the base, and somehow, through convections or something, this creates heat. I have no idea if it will work, but the end result (photo below) was stunning. I’d like one myself…

When we showed mum the finished article, her eyes lit up and she wanted to keep it!

My photo is a bit crap as he had to get off. But believe me, if you came across this in a department store you’d think it was factory made and not constructed from scrounged materials.

I was well impressed by the time and effort he put into his measurements to make sure everything fitted together properly (as snug as a bug in a rug.) But what really touched me is that he insisted on filing off the burrs from the hole drilling, despite the fact they would never been seen. Now that’s what I call the spirit of Christmas!

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That looks amazing. I hope the girlfriend appreciates it!
Looks great!! :) Taking time and putting all that effort in sure paid off :)

I struggle with Christmas too. I'm tired from the longest and hardest school term and trying to get things ready at both home and school. S wants a big family Christmas like he sees on the TV and that is something I just can't magic up. I do my best to make the day special, but it is just him and I. The whole holiday drags on as most folk are doing the family-thing and so we are short of people free to meet up, plus warm places are crowded (S can't cope) and outside places are only ok for short visits as they are freezing. It's one of the times in the year when I'm more bothered by being partner-less too.

However, S was very excited when we put up our tree yesterday and at least our home (however junky,) is geared up for us.

I agree not everyone enjoys Christmas and everything always seem to be aimed at families, and magazines, TV programmes and advertising concentrate on this. Recipes never seem to be for one or two people, so if you did want to cook something special it is very hard.
If you say to people I don't really like Christmas, you are thought of as miserable or a Scrooge, but for some of us Christmas is a hard time. I lost both my parents just after Christmas and like everyone else in this forum I'm a carer and there is no Christmas break for us.