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I HATE Cristmas

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I am so sick of Christmas already. If I never see another bloody advert for Christmas before the 12th of Never it will be too soon for me.
The one that put the kibosh on it for me was an advert I initially thought was a film? It depicts that iconic moment when British and German soldiers during WW1 got together to have a footie match. But it’s advertising a supermarket???

What the hell has Sainsbury’s flogging stuff got to do with that?

I was so shocked at this so-called ‘advert’ that I now refuse to shop at Sainsbury’s.

So I now walk an extra 100 yards and get my milk, etc, from the Co-op instead.
They are probably no better than Sainsbury’s, but at least (so far) they don’t exploit dead soldiers from a 100 year old war in order to sell cheap chickens.

That advert made me want to dive for cover from this insanity that is now called ‘Christmas.’

I HATE IT! If I ever win the National Lottery (which I haven’t done for ages) then I’m taking myself off to a desert Island that has never heard of Christmas…. Bliss!
When my parents in law were alive, we always had a big family get together. One year at our place, one year at my sister in laws house. I loved seeing everyone together but I used to hate all the present buying, having to buy the relatives all sorts of things they didn't want and I couldn't afford. Finally, I persuaded my husband to have a word with his relatives. We agreed not to exchange presents. What a relief, we were less stressed and the wallet felt better. I'm sure we enjoyed our get togethers far more as a result. We haven't seen his side of the family for ages. My husband died 8 years ago, then I was disabled and couldn't stand for long enough to cook any special meal, then every time we tried to arrange something mum was ill (caring and a social life really don't seem to mix!). I have a lovely 14 place setting bone china dinner and tea set which sits forlorn in the cupboard, the dining room has been turned into a study as we eat in the large kitchen, most of my glasses have gone to the hospice shop, and my glass dishes have been relegated to a shed. I used to have masses of recipe books, most of them have gone too. My daughter in law said yesterday that she'd love us to get everything out and have a big party but there's no chance this year. We'll probably be planning a funeral instead.
I don't hate Christmas, but I do think it starts far too early !

The shops were decorated and had all their Christmas stock in before Halloween :shock: I can remember when that didn't happen until the beginning of December (which is still too early IMHO :lol: :lol: ).
I've always loved Christmas, but in later years the fun seems to have gone out of it.
Sajehar, the Co-op are far more ethical than any other supermarket as is their banking, so good on you for shopping there.

You are not alone. I find Christmas a pain as well. My Mum tells me that I am very like my Dad - happy to get things organised but the actual concept of Christmas is ugh.

The adverts start far too early and by the time Christmas arrives, I'm just glad to get it over and done with.

Permission to 'scream' permitted!

I'm not keen on it either. I'd love to go abroad but we have never done so yet. We have my elderly Mum every Xmas and My son comes home so it's good for us to get together.

We are quite a small family so I really don't have to buy many presents and most years I give a donation to charity in lieu of Xmas cards.

I cook a wonderful Xmas lunch ... If I say so myself :lol: :lol: and we have a big Turkey, roasties, parsnips, sprouts, glazed carrots, leeks, red cabbage etc . I make my own stuffings and bread sauce and gravy. Nothing packet in our house. all I ask as the cook is that everyone enjoys it.
To be honest though, I would happily go without Xmas. I met a woman who lives alone and she gets together with a colleague who is also alone. They spend the day eating all their fave stuff like smoked salmon, lots of wine, chocolates, old films on TV. They buy everything at M and S and have no cooking whatsoever. sounds good to me.

I have another friend and she and her hubby never cook. They go to the Indian restaurant the night before and buy loads of vegetarian curry, side dishes etc and reheat it the next day. She's done this for years.
Last Christmas a large black cloud was looming silently over me as I was awaiting a biopsy to determine if I had a serious illness. In my heart, I felt I had cancer and this was confirmed in January, just before my fiftieth birthday. I was at stage 3b, which is advanced. I was (and still am) a very reluctant patient and as I was warned the treatment regime was "brutal", I struggled to agree to commencing with it.

I decided to go ahead and less than a year later, I am in remission and facing a Christmas that otherwise I may not have seen.

At the end of May, as many of you know, we unexpectedly lost our 28 yr old son. He left young children who now will open presents and do the usual stuff without their daddy. I take comfort from the fact that their mums (2) will keep my son's memory alive in a fun way, as they did for what would have been his 29th birthday in September. Parties, with his favourite caterpillar choc cake, letting balloons up into the sky..

I know, i know. I too hate the piped music, the Halloween Christmas stuff in the shops, the adverts for party food (Peter Andre shops in Iceland. Seriously, I mean come on..)

But it could be worse. We can choose to ignore the crap and find something of importance to us as individuals. We can ignore the dross and think of better things..and sometimes, if we are bowed down by caring, better times. There are always some and memories are what cannot be taken from us.
The child in me loves the idea of Christmas, cheesy christmas films, carols and mince pies. I agree it starts to early ! I blame the Americans ! they start Christmas the day after Thanksgiving i.e. Black Friday. Try to do my Christmas shopping before the Christmas rush as I hate the crowds and the queues !
Christmas Day and New Years day for us means that all help is withdrawn and we have to get Robert up as well as put him to bed. So that's 2 hours work put in before the day even starts and i am on strong painkillers as my back has been killing me for the past year. I have been to the GP 4 times and all they do is give me stronger and stronger painkillers each time - nobody seems to want to see what the underlying cause is. I got referred for Physio 2 weeks ago but the excercises given made the pain 10 times worse and I was laid up for 2 days! Plus with Robert having had his heart surgery he is still healing and we cannot hold him in the usual manner which is putting even more strain on my back. Anyway, shut up and put up as I tell myself!

for most carers Christmas is just another day but it is the one day when we should think of the less fortunate as per usual my mother will send a donation to the people at crisis at Christmas that's my Christmas present from her to me ....