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I apparently have won a fortune - or have I? - Carers UK Forum

I apparently have won a fortune - or have I?

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Anybody else got a letter from something calling itself the European Postcode Millions Online Lottery? I have received a letter telling me that I have won 850,000 pounds and all I have to do is give them my bank details and other personal information. Aye that will be right. I don't do any lotteries as I don't agree with them on principle. I am concerned though that if someone vulnerable were to receive such a letter as this that they would give out all their details. Does everyone else agree with me that this letter is a scam?

Oh yes its a BIG scam DO NOT SEND any Bank details of yours, not sure what can be done about it, because most of these scams come from abroad, i've never looked into the problem much, soon as i get any letters like these they go straight in the bin.
A lot of elderly people are getting trapped with these scams, i've seen the odd tv programs which have focus on this problem, if it is all legit they can send you a cheque end of.
Eun, you can't possibly have won this because I have! Image Image Image
Mind you, I binned mine, after all you can't win something you didn't enter!
My late father used to get this sort of stuff. One along the lines of Eun's looked as if some would find it believable, so I made a point of alerting the local paper (and trading standards) that these were around. They thought it worthwhile sending their photographer out and an article warning these were scams. Funny, haven't had one since ....
Total scam
Give the bank the Letter and they will follow it up and inform the police
Yes its a scam and I too worry that vulnerable people will read it and send their bank details in Image
Eun, I wish it wasn't a scam though. It would be wonderful if you had won, then your young adults hospice would be up and running in a jiffy. When I win, I'm going to buy a farm staffed by people who really care about their job, where M. can drive his tractor around without any killjoys to say he can't. And if he's good all week he can trundle round the paths on the steam roller at weekends. We've had this daydream for years, we just don't have the money! Anyone else have any daydreams like this?
Total scam. I would report it to your trading standards team and they will investigate.

You should never have to send details to claim like this. You give the details to a company once you meet - Usually within their office - Just like the National Lottery. And if its a big amount you usually have advisor to hell you along with the process.

My dad had a letter a few years ago saying tat a relative from Canada had died in Japan, whilst on a walking holiday and this solicitor would like to pass on the fortune (which was some millions). He had passed the letter to a 'friend' that was travelling to the UK to post as he did not want to pay the full price of postage and to hold up the process. Funny as...

1. We never heard of this relative (granted it may have been one we were not aware of, as we have found family members that we knew nothing of since).
2. A legitimate solicitor working within any major country would not send post via a 'friend'
3. A legitimate solicitor would not want to share (50/50) the money. They would only take a proportion for their work that they have had to do to complete the deal
4. The letter wasnt even on letter headed paper

There were also other things within the letter that we could see was stupid. Needless to say we never contacted them at all.
I always reply, giving them all info they ask for. OK I send a fake name, Pick a Bank & branch, make up a sort code & account number and send them that, funny thing is once you do that you never hear from them again Image