to delete my membership at my request, i feel confident they will oblige, hopefully on Monday. This forum lacks an unsubscribe button. The staff have been kind enough to remove all my (about 5 and half thousand Image Image ) posts at my request.No internet trail, hopefully.

I wanted to wish you all "luck" in the future but on second thoughts i have no idea what luck really is. I do know we have to be careful what we wish for.

So .....I wish you strength of mind and body and patience and integrity and humour. And take pride in your role when you do things (specially those things you never imagined you would be able to deal with) with love for your caree(s). Why else would you do it? Image Image

For those caring for dementia sufferers focus on the fact that life can still hold moments of pleasure for your loved ones. Those moments will inevitably become less frequent. All the more reason to strive for them. Enjoy them. Dance the Can-Can and show your frilly knickers to celebrate if it brings a smile. Specially you Big Boys. wink.

For those with aging and/or ailing parents enjoy them while you can. As some on this forum know only too painfully well it is more natural to lose a parent than to lose a child.

I am hardly young myself. Trust me .... as we age we fear death far less than we fear being considered by our children to be a burden, job creating and recklessly spending your inheritance Image Image something i am currently enjoying doing, with the blessing of my five offspring.

Having spent a lot of time in this forum, gaining support and making some incredibly nice friends i feel i need closure. Saying goodbye is my method. Not everybodys way, but MY way.

Lastly, please remember this is a discussion board. We each have a right to state our personal opinion within the rules of the forum. Moral obligations weigh hard on me. And yes, moral obligation to myself is part of that. Nuff said. Image Image