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Friends Needed (not virtual ones) - Carers UK Forum

Friends Needed (not virtual ones)

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Afternoon lovely people,
Hope you're all enjoying the warm sunshine!
I'm a parent/carer for my daughter who has learning disabilities. We live in South West London and I'd like to widen my circle of friends. Anyone living in/around South West London who'd like a chat over coffee/red wine Image
Looking forward to hearing from you

Marie shame I am too far away or I would love a wine x
Never mind...we will connect spiritually!
Sorry I'm too far away aswell, but will join you in a virtual glass of wine!
Never mind...we will connect spiritually!
Well we both have a daughter with a learning disability so that's a start Image Sarah is 19 and has Downs Syndrome, she leaves school on Friday and I am dreading it as its such a brilliant school and I will feel lost without the support of all the lovely staff, everytime I think of it I am in tears x
Me too - sorry
@ Nilla...how are things today? Image

I feel your pain. My daughter is now 31 and I remember the transition from primary to secondary school quite well. It was fraught with challenges!

I struggled to obtain the right level of therapy for my daughter as well as the right amount of staff to support her. For a while I taught her at home myself but as she got older she needed to be with her peers....

It will get better....look on the bright side. You may have to do a little pushing and shoving (not physically of course(;....) to ensure that your daughter's needs are being met adequately.

All the best.....
I'm too far away too but I have a daughter of a similar age with special needs so I hope you both find some good friends down your way. Image
@ Penny...
Thanks and all the best with your daughter
Marie she is so excited to be leaving school but we have heard nothing about direct payments, day centres or anything and got a letter from college that 2 of the days shes there 9.30 to 12 so that's 2.5 hours, it takes me 30 mins to get home and then 30 mins back so I will hang around Halifax to save fuel.