Paul O'Grady's star studded NHS awards....

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Apart from Mum's plethora of GPs (never see the same one twice) who failed to diagnose 6 weeks of raging delirium, have nothing but praise for the paramedics who came out etc.

Be rather nice to think there was something similar in the TV viewing pipeline one day for 'unsung heroes' Carers...?! ;)
Family carers ?

BBC Panorama ... an hour long expose followed by an hour's discussion ... would be the prefered option.

Our Lord Kitch to be centre stage.

" The Cathy Come Home " moment ... for family carers ... albeit 50+ years late !!!

Where's Ken Loach / Jimmy McGovern when we need them ?

Medals / awards ?

If the chocolate variety , donate to the foodbanks so that the children can have a treat.