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husband beaten up monday eve - Carers UK Forum

husband beaten up monday eve

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my husband who was disabled was beaten up monday,we was getting off the tram and someone took a dislike to us we ignored it was chatting in general the scum who hit hubby waited across the road for us,we have great witnesses and it was unprevoked attack,eneded up in A and E and hubby had his head glued now we both scared to leave the house i go out when really need my hubby has cp epilepsy and is blind person was arrested same night and been bailed yesterday.
Oh no!
I am so sorry that this has happened to you both.
It sounds awful! I hope that someone is taking care of you both now.

Take care xx
How terrifying! I would surmise that the guy was either 'mental' or 'high' - or both. There are those who just want to 'pick a fight' and he sounds like one of them. But a coward too, for picking on your husband.

I'm glad it was not 'worse' - as these maniacs loose on the streets really don't care if they knife or kill

Go VERY easy on yourselves tonight - take care , thinking of you - Jenny.


Dear God! Welcome to the UK - where there is no mental health care, no drug rehab, and no prison space left.

And no sanity, either.
Tracie this must have been so frightening for you and your hubby. Truly terrible. I hope the person gets a fitting sentence.

Honey Badger, what a vicious attack. Truly shocking. Nightmare.

I know this is slightly sideways, but I now tell my son he must ALWAYs ensure two things when he is 'out and about' - that he is NEVER on his phone when walking along the street, and that he ALWAYS has a bottle of water on him so he can dilute an acid attack immediately (and preferably be wearing dark glasses when he's outdoors as well, to protect his eyes.)

It just seems INSANE that this stuff happens in England - unbelievable.

(And WHERE do they GET the acid from? I mean, how come it isn't banned in the first place? I know that won't stop the supply totally, because of the black market -but concentrated sulphuric/nitric/hydrochloric acid is not that easy to produce - it takes distillation etc to concentrate it, let alone generate it in the first place, so that would at least reduce the supply surely)

Another thing folk should carry with them, maybe, is a tub of bicarb (as in cooking soda). As an anti-acid it would help 'defuse' the acid, though it may have minimal such effect if the acid is concentrated. Might help a bit though.
Thanks everyone your not safe anywhere these days,he very sore and we wont leave the house,scum bag was arrested same eve and let out on thursday pending investigation.
I'm really sorry this has happen to your husband, my wife has uncontrolled complex partial epilepsy like your husband, I can't for the life of me understand why people would want to do this to him.
I hope he recovers very soon
Police finally came on thursday took staements from both of us,policeman who been dealing with it has been great sadly we was not told the person who asulted my husband was released so policeman and us are not happy,its two week tomorrow since it happend he has healed up well but will not stay home alone or go out i go out when need but not been out either since we both saw gp last week.