Homeless at Christmas : " How will Santa find us ? '

More than 130,000 children across Great Britain will spend Christmas in temporary accommodation, official figures suggest.

One in every 103 under-18s is officially homeless, a 59% rise in five years, housing charity Shelter said.

One mother-of-three said her children were preparing for Christmas in a one-room bed and breakfast for the second year running.

Councils said a lack of housing had left them "struggling to cope".

Using government statistics, Shelter said the number of children in temporary accommodation in England had increased 62% in five years and 36% in Scotland.

The charity estimated 1,524 children in Wales were in temporary housing, based on figures for the overall number of households.

It said some B&Bs were "not places for children" because of people reporting problems with rats, children having to share beds with family members and having to "play in dirty public corridors".

The Guardian :

More than 130,000 homeless children will be living in temporary accommodation over the festive period in Britain, the equivalent of five youngsters in every school, according to estimates by the homelessness charity Shelter.

Nearly 10,000 of those will wake up on Christmas Day in bed and breakfasts, hotels or hostels where in many cases their family will have been put up in a single room, sharing bathrooms and kitchens with other residents.

Overall, 50,000 more children in England, Wales and Scotland are homeless compared with five years ago, a rise of 59%, Shelter says. There have been particularly sharp increases in some affluent, high housing cost Tory heartlands in south-east England.

Shelter’s director, Greg Beales, said: “The number of children hidden away in hostels and B&Bs is enough to make anyone’s heart sink. These are not places for children.

“We hear about cold, damp – even rats. Young children are sharing beds with multiple family members, trying to play in dirty public corridors and having to leave their block in the middle of the night to use the bathroom.”

Shelter’s figures are calculated using official statistics for numbers of families placed in temporary accommodation after being accepted as homeless by their local authority. There are very few instances of children rough sleeping. Shelter estimates that more than 320,000 people in Britain are homeless.

At this time of the year , my thoughts are with many unable to " Join in " the so called festive season ,.. children especially ... the innocent victims in this Sad New World.