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How will Liz Truss help us? - Carers UK Forum

How will Liz Truss help us?

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It's going to be interesting to see how the new PM is going to help us carers now she has the hot seat.
I took ill health retirement a few years ago and receive no benefits as I get my occupational pension & carers allowance.
I'm my wife's carer. She receives PIP & ESA but none are income based.
We don't qualify for the council tax rebate, don't pay NI so it looks like we'll be tightening our belts again.
So :D much for being financially prudent while we were working...... or maybe Liz will surprise us.
Having studied Economics at A level, and as part of my degree, i find her deeply worrying.
I just don't think she has any real understanding of the country's finances. On TV they were suggesting that she was thinking of abandoning the Social Care reforms!
No mention has been made in any of the TV interviews I've seen with Liz Truss, nor other Tory politicians nor the opposition regarding social care ... we and our carees are the forgotten ones /bottom of the pile again.

The last anyone has said about social care reform is that Boris "fixed it" with his funding non-solution that was hugely unpopular within his own party. Reforms for carers were put on the back burner and since then we've had two Secretaries of State for Health who have taken the Jeremy Hunt line that not enough people provide care. Truss looks likely to give Therese Coffey the Health Secretary post, so I don't expect any improvement to be honest.

Lockdown forced more people into caring so the government got what it wanted. More carers, receiving less help.
Trouble is that this is meaning that Dangerous Discharge is becoming more and more common! Plus people cannot be discharged from hospital in many cases unless their relatives 'sleepwalk' into becoming Carers.

That said even back in 2016 I was expected to care from 2 vicious old men who hated each other and I really had to threaten legal action to get my late Father's GP Surgery to take action. We have an aging population, increasing medical sophistry and expectation. But we have nothing in place to care for these increasingly fragile elderly many of whom have co morbidities.

There is NO safety net. I cannot see it easily being 'fixed' tbh but I do think that the NHS and Social Care need to amalgamate.
She will make things worse.I see Mrs coffey has slimed over to health,I dread to think who will be the new head of the dwp,Lizzie Borden perhaps.
Someone needs to be brave enough to bring back "cottage hospitals" for elderly frail patients who won't get better, but deserve kindness and dignity in their final months. Modern acute hospitals are designed to fix and discharge asap. I hate the term "bed blockers", mum was one for months. She deserved better, to deliberately make her life as uncomfortable as possible she was constantly shuffled between wards!!!
The concept of amalgamating the NHS and Social Care is a strange one, not so much in the idea of it, but in the fact that the current setup is designed to make things as difficult as possible.

The Secretary of State for Health always had responsibility for the NHS and for Social Care. But it has always been set up so that both have completely different funding arrangements and management chains, that rarely communicate with each other and yet are responsible for making local health and social care services work together. Except of course they don't because their funding and management streams are so separated that each one religiously protects their little pot of cash from the others.

And, because central government holds the purse strings, it's fed the NHS on a diet of steak and caviar, compared to the frozen fish and chips of Social Care, which is run by local authorities. It really showed up in the latest attempt at proper funding for both, in that the NHS gets first dibs on the National Insurance increase Boris announced, with less than 20% going to Social Care, and even then it won't be as much as promised because the NHS gets first dibs.

The whole thing needs restructuring as a single service, free at the point of delivery - because the current distinction between what is "health" and what is "social care" is false and ridiculous. For example, my son's social care needs assessment says that he needs opportunities to socialise with people and to meet up with family members. This is a social need in all the books you care to read. But why does he need it? To promote his wellbeing. Specifically his mental health. Health. There are loads of examples like that.
Charles, I have the same issues with M.
The doctor does the annual healthcheck, tells the carer agency he has to lose weight, exercise more.
Agency say it's not their job, they can only advise (Baked potatoes and baked beans in the middle of a heatwave, or sausage and mash). Health say it's not up to them, his file is "closed to them".
I asked SSD "Who is in overall charge of M's care?"
"No one" was the reply from SSD's Complaints Officer.
BB,so Ms carers couldn't even prepare a simple salad with perhaps some decent ham in the heatwave?! I would have thought it would have been a relief to them.