Tescos Groceries crashed?

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I was just ordering my groceries and suddenly it crashed, have logged ina nd out several times- is it me or has their web site crashed this afternoon?
I don't know Henrietta, but it did happen with Sainsbury's with me a few months back. I tried a different internet supplier just in case to no avail. Hopefully it will be up and running again soon. Or try another supermarket just for this time. Usually get discount for the 1st order!!
Hi Henrietta,
Just tried their app on my iPad and it seems fine.

Thanks both - I had put loads of stuff in the basket - maybe I will ring their help desk tomorrow.
Just tried to ring them and got a recorded message sayin ghteir web site was experiencing problems so not just me - hurray
Annoying though, if you had taken time to select stuff. Hopefully the stuff will still be in your virtual basket once they resolve the tech issues.