How many words does your dog know?

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Both my friend in Florida and I have to spell out F O O D and W A L K otherwise our dogs will get excited. Now I think they are recognising how the words are spelled! My dog is really good at knowing when it's food time and needs to adjust each time the clocks are changed.
I've never had a dog but all of my cats have been very good at recognising certain words -


'are you hungry ?'
'where are your toys ?'

:lol: :lol: :lol:
I like this post! I have an 18 month old Labrador, who is a food obsessed nutter. Her main words are food related too! Toast, dinner, sausage, cheese! I am training her at the moment and she is getting better at sit, stay, heal and will learn more or less anything for a cheesy reward. Although it all goes out of the window the minute she sees another dog or person she wants to say hello to... she then turns into a leaping, over excited. lunatic and looks as though she has never had a second of training ever. :roll:

There are some lovely therapy dogs who come to my Dad's ward in hospital... they are so calm and lovely and the patients love them... and then I imagine the carnage that my dog would create if I took her in!