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Coping with isolation - Carers UK Forum

Coping with isolation

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Hi everyone

I care for my 17 year old son. He was born at 24 weeks and has been disabled from birth.

I'm a single parent with virtually no support network.

I semi-care for my 80 year old mother too.

I used to work part-time when I was married but since I split from my now ex husband, I have been unable to as I'm now my sons sole carer.

I'm finding the isolation difficult to cope with, making friends is almost impossible as i don't get out much.

Any tips would be great. Thanks.
Hello Nezzie ,

I was wondering how far from your son’s school you live? If you are close enough, you might be able to join their ‘PTA’ or even offer to act as a volunteer helper.

Are there parents groups around that you could join? You obviously have loads of experience to offer to others just starting out on their journeys.

I don’t know where you live, but in my city the local libraries hold quite a few groups, that you might be able to access while your son is at school, such as knit and natter.

Don’t forget to use the “roll call” thread. I read it more than I write on it, but some people use it like a blog.

Also, some of us use the general chit chat to do just that. You can post about anything you like, and someone will chip in.

Loneliness gnaws at you, I know. So I wish you all the best as you reclaim yourself and find your feet again.

Keep us posted!
Huge hugs to you. I care for my 6 year old but I have knee problems so don’t feel like I’ve seen outside much this winter. I’m married but my husband works a lot which means I can be at home for my son (and 2 year old) (I joke that I see the amazon delivery guy more).

It’s hard getting out there sometimes. Are there any support groups in the area that you could meet up with or chat to? Or any classes in the area of something that might interest you to do during the daytime if your son is still in education?

Failing that I find a lot of support in making connections online. Facebook groups for any interests are a great place to start and it is an excuse to talk about something different. I’m in loads of groups from knitting and crochet to art and make up and they are all like little communities.

If you ever need an ear though feel free to get in touch. X