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Helping for the homeless. - Page 6 - Carers UK Forum

Helping for the homeless.

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Ssssh ... you'll wake my chosed avatar up ... you'll won't like him when he is awake !


Resign ?

What a good idea ... ?
Like Motability bosses sitting on £200 million of unspent funds?

Big bonuses for what?

I checked out the monthly cost of a basic Motability Ford fiesta diesel automatic through Motability and I compared it to the monthly price of a 3 year business contract including all the same things as a Motability car. The monthly price was the same. But the non Motability car was a high spec Range Rover velar. For the same monthly price.

I sent details to my mp. :blink:
Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 8:18 pm
Ssssh ... you'll wake my chosed avatar up ... you'll won't like him when he is awake !


Resign ?

What a good idea ... ?
My alter ego is best left quietly slumbering.
The angry bear. :lol:
I genuinely do not know how the overpaid fat cat bosses of charities can look at themselves in the morning. I genuinely think they are the scum of the earth.

Even worse than fat cat hospital execs etc (how DARE they pay themselves more than their own surgeons! Can THEY take a living human being, cut them up inside, and then wake them up and they are still alive??? NO THEY DAMN WELL CAN'T.....)

One HUGE problem for charities nowadays is that they have become an arm of social services that 'outsource' what SHOULD be government tasks to 'NGO's' etc. That hands them zillions in the first place....and 'imports' fat cats to run them.
I agree that a can of beans is a can of beans in a food bank. but are are all the food bank 'customer's genuine??

I also get irritated that the supermarkets cash in on our charity - with the food bank bin...oh yes, we buy MORE from them to fill the bins! If the supermarket said 'for every can you donate, we'll donate' that would be a lot better!

in the USA once I bought a kid's book and the retail assistant said 'would you like to buy another book for a deprived child?' . I said no, because in the UK the charity shops are awash with 'unwanted books' and deprived children can get them there for pennies....and not make bookshops any extra money at the same time! so damn hypocritical of shops to 'encourage' us to donate to the poor.....with stuff we've bought from them at full price!
but are are all the food bank 'customer's genuine??

Given that parcels can only be given out if the correct documentation is in place , general answer is " Yes. "

From the main Trussells site ... also prominent on the main Foodbank thread :

How to get a food voucher ?

In order to get help from the foodbank you will need to be referred with a voucher.

Referral process

Each foodbank works with different frontline professionals, such as doctors, health visitors, social workers and the Citizens Advice, who make referrals to the foodbank using a voucher.

The foodbank and referral agency use the voucher to gather some basic information. This will help them to identify the cause of the crisis, offer practical guidance and prepare suitable emergency food.

Using your voucher

Once you have been issued with a voucher, you can exchange this for a minimum of three days’ emergency food at your nearest foodbank centre.

Not quite a Victorian soup kitchen.

A minimum of 100,000 of our fellow carers know the route only too well ( As at end of December 2017. )

Whose next ?
Pet66 wrote:
Sat Jan 12, 2019 7:37 pm
It's an emotive subject isn't it.
Some in Birmingham are obviously homeless. In shop doors trying to stay warm under damp sleeping bags, duvets coats etc. Not all beg, just sit there spaced out. I'm not going to judge as to why they are obviously addict's, and to be honest wouldn't approach them now. There is a group of workers who will go to them and chat, hopefully trying to help. Expect if I went later at night the genuine homeless would still be there? I haven't the courage to do that.
I never buy the big issue now, as I was nearly conned when working in the city. He asked me if I would buy his last big issue, then asked me if I really wanted to magazine!! Told him to give me my money back which he did. That's another pity, because it does help the genuine ones, and actually did have some interesting reads. The scammers spoil everything. There is help for homeless in Brum, but they have to have some money to stay. The salvation army for one. Of course some don't want to be helped or are very sadly past caring
Yes it is a very emotive issue.
Often i used to freelance in Birmingham city centre and I commuted by car and train and foot to work and back. Every morning the Big Issue seller was outside Moor St station and every new issue I would buy the paper from him. But also with other Big Issue sellers I go up to them and say look I'll give you two pounds and you keep the paper so you can sell it to someone else.
A BI seller once old me some people do that when the don't want the paper but give them the money anyway just out of kindness. I do usually have the paper because its always an interesting read.
It might be the chap you met was thinking along those same lines?
Even The Army are now called in ... from the FOODBANK thread :

Army to donate ration packs to feed poor families and homeless people across UK.

" This solution will deliver food products where they are needed while also minimising waste ", says MoD spokesman.
Colin it may well have been?However I have my doubts to be honest. The magazine looked rather dog eared. Another way of making easy money. I'm not unkind, and give the benefit of the doubt. Equally I'm not a fool to fall for every sob story. He didn't have a big issue bag,or the gilet that's provided. One has to be mindful, and careful as well as caring.
Pet, one of the reasons I dislike the whole Big issue thing is that it is obvious that the vast majority of purchasers have NO real interest in the magazine, so clearly it is just a charity donation. I do appreciate that it gave much needed dignity etc, but selling it in my expensive home counties dormitory town is just daft - NO ONE here is interested in it. So it is DEFINITELY 'begging'.

not to mention that the woman isn't even British.

Once, though, one of her family (I assume?) was busking, and playing the guitar (folk music) absolutely beautifully, and I most definitely gave him several pounds after standing and listening to a free concert. That was definitely 'money earned' and I was glad to give it. I nearly always give to buskers - IF I like what they are playing. I once stood for about ten minutes in an underground station passage while a young woman played Bach on the violin. The acoustics were fantastic. Live music is such a privilege these days, and I gave her a fiver. (Sadly, she probably was a student, rather than someone in 'real' financial desperation, but you never know)(I guess it is a form of intellectual snobbery to 'assume' that someone who can play Bach is in desperate financial straits....)
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