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Helping for the homeless.

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Pet66 wrote:
Sun Jan 12, 2020 12:11 pm
I agree BB.
My heart flips when I see homeless, but have been taken for a fool more than once. Trained staff, not from DWP, should go out very late evenings, and early hours, to establish genuine homeless people. Some, near me, pack up and go ' home' after 6. I'm not uncaring, far from it. However DWP staff have enough to do, ( some well, others need training) without going out on the streets.
There are a lot of agencies who do go out and work with the homeless - Simon On The Streets is one of them, they go out first thing in the morning to see if people are sleeping rough and then fast track them into hostels so they have somewhere secure to go. They also have really good links with drug and alcohol support agencies and help people claim all the right benefits etc. DWP staff wouldn't know what to do, you are correct. You need people trained in all kinds of issues including alcohol and drugs.

I work in Housing and along with my colleagues, have seen, people who have secure accommodation who sit in the streets saying they are homeless because people will give them food and money (the local homeless man in town makes close to £50 a day along with about lots of sandwiches and rolls). If you are on benefits and are getting these bonuses, you can't go wrong can you! I am not saying this is ALL the homeless people so do not shoot me down.

Our authority has a team of 6 people who go out to homeless people to assist them but some of the homeless people do not want help. You can't force someone into accommodation can you? There is a lot of help out there, even for people from abroad who have no leave to remain and are homeless. There is also a lot of help with people who have mental health issues, you can get a support worker from housing charities and advocates etc.

It is a shame there is not more help out there for us carers!
I was a residential child care officer for 19 years. For teenagers from different situations. I know at 16/17 they were found accommodation, and really didn't know how to cope. Some made good lives for themselves, and others, well were begging and led not such pleasant lives. Am a softie anyway, but after the situation with my husband, I am not a trusting person. But my heart still flips if I see someone sitting in the freezing weather in case they are genuine.
I wouldn't dream of shooting anyone down for their thoughts and opinions!
I agree, carers should have much more support.
After a terrible incident at the children's home I worked in the council offices and knew several who worked in housing. Some who joined rather than be made redundant from other organisations, and thrown in the deep end. Not easy.
It's all different now. 16 and 17 year olds can only be put into supported accommodation or into care. Under 18s can no longer sign for tenancies unless circumstances are mitigating.

If you do get a tenancy and are a young person (18 - 25), you can get a short term support worker, a long term one and various other things so it's not all doom and gloom. I work with young people so I know.

Also, once you have a support worker, they can apply for all sorts of grants and electrical items for free from charities.
Wow, that's is really nice! I think that homeless were nicely surprised! I am not in any organization like that but if I can I try to help homeless. Sometimes it is a nice gesture just to give them something and see the smile on their face. It is amazing view!
I am delighted with that I just have read.
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