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Helping for the homeless.

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Arson attack closes a Methodist church for Christmas.


A church which also offers a night shelter to homeless refugees has been severely damaged in an arson attack.

Police branded the blaze at Heaton Park Methodist Church in Bury on Saturday evening as " Disgusting ".

" Thankfully the Prestwich Methodist Church is just down the road so we will be moving services there," the pastor said.

"But we also run a night shelter for refugees and offer food for children on free school meals, so we don't know what is going to happen with that now."
Grenfell Tower : Almost 100 families still without own home this Christmas, 18 months after fire.

Exclusive : Council criticised for " Painfully slow " pace of rehousing residents.

There are 96 households stuck living in temporary flats, hotels, serviced apartments or staying with friends, according to the latest figures from the Kensington and Chelsea Council.

The total number left without a permanent home includes 36 households from Grenfell, and another 60 households evacuated from the wider Lancaster West estate.

In the immediate aftermath of the June 2017 fire, prime minister Theresa May promised survivors they would be rehoused within three weeks. In November 2017, housing minister Alok Sharma said affected residents would be provided with new homes within a year.

Yet scores of housing cases remain unresolved, and evacuated residents have told The Independent about the stress, instability and uncertainty they have experienced in the 18 months since the fire.
Minister admits Tory policies may be a cause of rising homelessness.

Housing secretary appears to contradict recent claim that increase is due to other factors.

The housing secretary, James Brokenshire, has admitted Conservative policies may be to blame for rising levels of homelessness, appearing to row back on a statement he made earlier this month.

In an interview with the Guardian, Brokenshire had previously claimed rising rough sleeping in Britain was not the result of government policy, but was instead being driven by factors including the spread of psychoactive substances such as spice, growth in the number of non-UK nationals on the streets and family breakdown.

But on Monday, speaking to the website Politico, the minister acknowledged that Tory policies may have played a role in the huge increase in rough sleeping since 2010.

Brokenshire said the Conservatives “need to ask ourselves some very hard questions” about why so many more people are now living on the streets than when the party came to power, and admitted “changes to policy” were needed.
For those who picked up the recent article on a Hull hotel cancelling a booking for a group of homeless people at the last minute ... even a few of the tabloids published it ... a happy ending ... of sorts :

Amazing moment Hull’s homeless check into DoubleTree by Hilton for Christmas.

A total of 28 homeless people are staying at the Double Tree by Hilton for two nights.

A group of nearly 30 homeless people in Hull are set for an incredible Christmas after checking into one of the city’s swankiest hotels.

The DoubleTree by Hilton stepped in at the 11th hour after the Britannia Royal Hotel cancelled the bookings by Raise the Roof Project homeless organisation.

The Hull non-profit organisation paid £1,092 to occupy 14 twin rooms on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day - but the booking was later cancelled, with the Royal Hotel facing a furious backlash from residents across the city.

However, the Hilton has managed to rescue the generous bid to take homeless people off the street by putting 28 rough sleepers up for two nights with complimentary breakfast and Christmas dinner.

The organisation ran the same idea last year for 24 people at the city's ibis hotel.

Not so much a " Happy " Christmas ... more a safe and comfortable one ???

For two days ... then back on the streets ... until next Christmas ???

UC rolled out in Hull early this month ... add a " 0 " to the number next year ???
Not much news around today ... as per usual this time of the year ... at least one local reporter made the effort ?

Christmas is all about giving - Hundreds enjoy Great Yarmouth’s Open Christmas.

Around 500 vulnerable people were treated to a warm meal, company and presents this Christmas thanks to the selfless work of an army of dedicated volunteers.


Organiser David Minister estimated 500 people would be served throughout the day said while he was pleased to help he was down heartened by the number of people are in need over the festive period.

He said: “Hopefully they all have a good Christmas Day, some are homeless and others are struggling. It’s good, but in many other ways it is still sad.”

22 years and still running.

Until 2012 , local church and around 100 attended.

I knew the area well ... nothing much to celebrate once the summer holiday season ends.

Used to walk that " Golden Mile " in winter ... and only pass a handful of people at the best of times ... only one or two cafes open for the locals . everything else boarded up until late Spring ... eerie to say the least !

For the homeless , a camp fire under the piers for the rest of the year ... that hasn't changed for years ... local council only clean up just before the holiday season ... as if it was accepted , and the locals know that they cannot be seen during the summer ... puts off the tourists ?

A pattern repeated across several other seaside manors ???

I'm sure many locals would prefer to hibenate for several months rather than face survival / life as is outside that season.
.... and so social genefication continues , unabated ... in some areas :

Revealed : homeless people given one-way tickets to other areas

Thousands have been given train, bus and flight tickets by councils in past four years.

Data obtained the Guardian shows for the first time that 6,810 travel tickets have been purchased across 83 councils in England and Wales since 2015.

Local authorities have defended the policy, saying the tickets are voluntarily accepted and only provided where there is a verifiable offer of accommodation and support. But some rough sleepers said they were offered tickets to places they had never been and felt like they were given no choice.

Tickets to other parts of the UK and abroad were frequently not followed up and little is known about what happened to the rough sleepers after they left, according to data obtained through freedom of information requests to all councils in England and Wales. Experts have warned that without support and accommodation, the policy does not resolve homelessness but just moves it to another area.

First introduced on the forum in October 2017 :
A One Way Ticket To Ride ?

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... 54#p366554

So much for some LAs helping the homeless ... festive season or otherwise ???
Not only are councils sweeping the homeless situation under the carpet ,they are doing it to someone's else's carpet .
A few refugees , of sorts , from Lincolnshire , have now joined my local tent city along the Chesterfield Canal here in Worksop.

Bad summer / autumn for farming ... no work , not even the zero hour contract variety ... even traditional off season stay in glorified farm buildings to await work in the Spring not on offer ... LAs over the border have offered nothing.

Technically , now " New " homeless ... if the former , glorified , cattle sheds / pig styes / barns counted as a " Home " as far as the authorities were concerned ... heat provided by burning wood in an old oil drum.

Anyone with a knowledge of how farming REALLY works in Lincolnshire will know the score.
Have you seen the homeless in LA city ? Massive!
Seeing as how we follow US trends......

Washington DC has always beem my " Favourite " for portaying homelessness in the USA.


Whole tent / cardboard villages surrounding the White House and other Government buildings.

Last time for that was back in the good old days ... early 1970s ... Nixon & co. ... where 500,000+ lay siege to protest over Vietnam.


Only the Pentagon exempt ... a shoot on sight policy , perhaps ?
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