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Help, what do I do???

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Hi all, my son has ASD, he is 22 yrs old, he plays online games and told me earlier he might be going on holiday in the next month, I asked him where and he said Scotland (we live in York), I asked how he is going to get there and he said he talks to a man in Denmark through the internet games, that he has a car and is coming to the UK and will pick him up !!!!!!!! I asked what he knows about the man he says "It doesn't matter it will be ok"
What do I do? Like I said he is 22 yrs old, he doesn't seem to know the danger.
So worried please help!
Has he had a Mental Capacity Assessmen? What is his level of understanding? Claim any benefits?
Yes , he has been assessed by York council as being entitled to help, but he will not let them help., he was only diagnosed last year (21 yrs old) apparently he "slipped through the net" at school, so he is used to how he is and doesn't think he needs help.he gets all his benefit entitlement, I am power of attorney for his benefits and a named person on his bank account
I'm not sure about the mental capacity assessment
Ring Social Services, explain the background and say he is a very vulnerable adult, who they have a duty to protect.
Thank you, I will ring them Monday, so far I have had no support so wont build my hopes up that they do anything
The Police also have a duty of care to a vulnerable adult. Do you know the man's name, address, email address? Have you seen any emails from the man?
I have a brain damaged son and know how desperately worried I'd be in your situation. I'd make sure your son doesn't have access to any money, then he simply can't go.
Also take a photo of the car, the man concerned, if he turns up. When exactly is he going to turn up, how long are they going for??
WHY is he coming from Denmark to pick your son up and take him to Scotland?!?! Whereabouts in Scotland, address, contact details? Are you sure it's not the figment of an overactive imagination.
I have no details of this man, all I know is he sent my son some food that can only be bought in Denmark and my son sent him some (I didn't know until after he ordered and sent it) So he has our address.
My son will not tell me anything, all he says is "It doesn't matter it'll be ok" and walks off back to his room. The only other thing my son said was the man is coming over here for a holiday and asked my son if he wants to go to Scotland? My son must have said yes cos he said he will pick him up in his car.
My son has access to all his money I am only a named person on his account incase he needs help with banking stuff
It's definitely not a figment of his imagination since he has sent stuff to my son and my son has sent him stuff
Have you managed to get any email address or contact details?