Help needed regarding PM's

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I needed to send an urgent PM out on Wednesday. However, I've just checked and it's not appearing in my Sent Box. It seems to be stuck in the Outbox bit.

Yet when I bought it up in the Outbox bit it clearly states: Sent Weds Feb 15th 2017 11.28pm

But it hasn't been sent. I then pressed the Send Reply button again, and it STILL isn't appearing in my Sent Messages box.

What do I need to do to send this message? I'm really confused.
Hi Sajehar

It has definitely been sent but hasn't yet been picked up by the person you sent it to.
PM's stay in your 'outbox' until the recipient has opened it and then it gets moved to your 'sent' box.

Thanks Susieq
I didn't realise that. Now I shall have to send another PM explaining my mistake. The poor sod will now have about 4 of the same message from me, and I don't want them to think I was stalking them :whistle:
I wrote a number of PM's to new members, which later I realised had not been read. Now, if I send a PM to a new member, I just write on the main board "sent you a PM and then tell them exactly where to find it.