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Heating bills

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David c - I cant see the point. Gary has obviously got it in for UW inspite of what I say, but that does seem daft not accepting your post code as they are nation wide.
One of their reps comes round to see you and takes a look at your past bills.
I my case he saved me £55.odd per month in one foul swoop, knocking NPower into a cocked hat, saving me £660.odd per year.
It's gone up and down by just a few pounds over five years. The highest being £97.odd for a few months and is now £80.90 per month.
You do the sums David. Image
OK guys, please let us know how much is your :
Standing charge gas/leccy
Daytime rate per Kwh (leccy)
Night-time rate per Kwh (leccy)
Gas rate per Kwh.
Then lets gocompare...

I run an electric car, and so far after nine months I am making more electric off my solar panels than I am using to charge my car: yes, "I'm walking on sunshine"
Yur tis Scally.

Utility Warehouse gas and electric February 2014.

Gas: Kilowatt hrs used 1724
pence per Kwt hour 4.360
Total gas used 75.17
Standing charge 5.32
Gas used for Feb 80.49 Budget plan 31.50

Electric: Kwt Hrs used 338
pence per Kwt Hr 14.442
Total cost of Electric 48.81
Standing charge 5.57
Elec used this month 54.38 budget plan 47.25

Total Direct Debit each month = £80.75

I started with UW on 20th April 2009, so not quite five years yet.
My first bill with them was £95.45 per month.
Just checked back through my bills and it never was any higher than £95.45 per month!
Its dropped month on month over the last four years eleven months. Image

How does that compare Scally?
I'm with Co-Op energy: my monthly direct debit is £114.65 - this is for a large four bed detached house with good insulation properties. There are five adults living here, so the rate per person isn't too bad: hot water usage is high though everyone takes showers not a bath. What makes it more complicated is the 4 Kwh solar panels on the roof and the use of an electric car. We also do get paid maybe £600 per annum for the electricity we generate on the feed-in-tariff and can use the 'free' electric we generate too which keeps costs down.

Electric day rate: 13.84p per Kwh
Electric Night rate: 7.20p per Kwh

Gas: 3.96p per Kwh

Service charge, £69.52p per annum for each fuel. I guess thats just under £6 a month, ish.
Utility Warehouse gas and electric February 2014.

pence per Kwt hour 4.360
Standing charge 5.32

pence per Kwt Hr 14.442
Standing charge 5.57
See, this is why I don't understand how you can be so convinced UW are cheapest.

Scally's rates are lower with the Co-op than UW.

Mine are.....
Gas - 4.02p per Kwh
Electric - 12.12p per Kwh
Standing Charge for both 24.53p per day which works out about £7.36 per month.

Granted the SC is slightly dearer but by calculating your usage using the unit rates I pay, your Gas and Electric bills would be £9.88 per month cheaper.

I'm with Atlantic. Image
Yes, I do pay a bit more on the day rate than you, but that's because I have a night rate option too, which means they bump up the day rate a couple of pee. Watch out for this surcharge: I only found out about it recently: it's probably not worth having the night rate unless you have storage heating or, in my case, an electric car with a built-in charger timer, and use at least 30% - 40% of your leccy at night after 11pm.
Yes, I do pay a bit more on the day rate than you,
I was referring to Pete's rates, Scally. Image
But yes, whilst your rate is slightly higher than mine, your day rate is still cheaper than Pete's on Utility Warehouse. Image
This means both you and I are cheaper than Utility Warehouse and so I really cannot understand how Pete seems to believe he's cheapest and would never switch.

Of course, at the end of the day, it's up to Pete but my point has always been that Utility Warehouse is NOT what they'd like you to believe.
Well so far the Co-op Energy is coming up trumps, and you get a more ethical sourced power as well - cleaner and greener. But they still aren't the cheapest, can anyone do better? By the way, I think there is a referral bonus so let me know if you decide to switch and I'll donate it to C-UK
hi ,managed to get into the utility warehouse website ,had to put a space in between the post code Image .
they gave me a quote of £710 a year ,£59 a month .
Is that cheaper than your paying now David?

I did say that I had had cheaper quotes from Co-op and Sainsburys, but only guarenteed for 12 months.
Utility Warehouse have stayed low for five years, so on that record I shall be staying with them.
I cant see the point of changing only to be tied into a company and then the swines bang up the rates like NPower did the minute I changed to them! Image 11% a month after joining them!
The other big companys soon followed their lead.

I do hate change and my argument is why fix it if it aint broke!
I'm very happy with UW so thats all that matters to me. Image