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Both mother and I sleep with a top sheet, so when the weather is too hot we take off the duvet and just sleep with the top sheet.
I am not one of those that can sleep on the bed with nothing over me so the sheet does the trick.
The fan is a great idea, I used to sleep with the fan going all night when I lived in Brisbane but haven't had to use it here.
Unfortunately living in brick homes during this heat is a problem as they retain the heat (pity it can't retain it until the winter).
Good luck hope you can get a few good nights sleep though.
We just bought an air cooler and it helps so much
Kiwigaz - my bro and sis in law (she's Aussie) live in Brisbane and it's the tropical, humid type of heat that they can't deal with. Sis in law's lived there all her life, born and bred and even she can't take it when it goes above 26 degrees. They have air-con inside the house and a beautiful garden, but stay inside on hottest days if they're not working. Or she goes to the shopping mall (Chermside usually) to cool off in there! Bro works at Pine Rivers and the mechanics at his garage swelter.
Level-three heatwave alert for parts of England

South-west England, West Midlands, London and south-east on amber alert as hot weather looks set to continue into next week
http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk-news/2013/ ... ther-alert
Julie- I have to confess that I love this weather, but I appreciate that it can be awful for some.
I always think, it's great if you have nothing to do, but not so great if you have to rush around.

I hope those who are suffering, midge bites, (got 2 on my leg Image Image ) hayfever, copd sufferers etc are ok.

Love Phoebe xxx
Hi NanaNana,

Yes I know Chermside well, though my watering hole was Indooropilly and I used to go there as well to cool down as my unit didn't have air con hence the fans.
My brother acclimitised really well but I didn't, he used to come to my place and complain that it was too cold as I had the doors and windows open (well it was 24 degrees), me in shorts and teeshirt and he was in jeans, jumper, puffa jacket and I had to close all the windows when he visited.
Been better over the past couple of days but did love to thunder storm yesterday lol.

I did have to laugh though the other day mother asked me to close a window as it was draughty on her because it had dropped down below 20 degrees and she thought it was cold - bless her.
Jill's cold all the time, yet sweating buckets sleeping. She asks for a hot water bottle every night no matter how hot it is.
We've been lucky here though as cooler by the coast. Suits me just fine, love it!!.........Well once I've got acclimatized that is. I can get on better in the cold than in the heat usually. Image
We need to think of our pets as well in this heat - remember to flea your pet including the house as when it starts getting warm those flea populations starts growing and as fleas  search for a food supply,  your pet makes for the perfect hiding place
Like other pesky insects, fleas need to feed on blood to survive and thrive and   Vets say pets will act like a "flea factory  during hot weather. so That s why treatment is key,They can bite your animal 200 to 300 times per day and they will also love to bite you  so your health needs to be protected

There are some good flea treatments front line, , advantage etc.
I have tried 2 -3 treatments on tiggs  my cat but they seem to burn him ,at first he is OK  but 3rd time he fights etc. so what I do on a cats brush  I spray with cats flea spray then  brush him 3-4 times a day  it also helps to keep him cool and for the house I  use  strong household spray everyday although it says every 6 months also don't forget to spray it in crevices, even where your pet hardly goes   cause fleas bite humans  i have even sprayed it on mattresses  but always seek advice as some sprays can effect people coffeex