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I don't know if this is the right place for this post but I just wanted to say I hope you are all coping alright in this heat as although the sunshine is lovely and can lift your mood it can be draining when you have things to do that cannot be put off .
Best wishes Julie
Hi Julie

I am not coping very well with the heat and I am not in the hottest of it. I just get miserable being hot sticky and then the hay fever. Ah Joy Deep Joy What a state I must look with the midgie bites and no make up!

I hope you at least get a good sleep.

Thank you julie. I have indeed got a lot to do this week.
What heat? Very overcast here in West of Scotland. Tomorrow parts of England are to be in the 30's and parts of Scotland 15 - give us some of your warmth please - son is able to move better when it is warm, cold really affects those with DMD.

give us some of your warmth please
I would be very happy to do so Eun.....
Hubby wilts and becomes almost comatose when its this hot. Terry Pratchet readers will know what I mean when I say he is a troll Image Image Image
This is what I had to put up with on a daily basis when I was living in Brisbane and was so pleased to get back to England, however I am making the most of it as I know it won't last long.
Both mother and the cat are not liking this weather but at least they both have somewhere cool to retreat to mother under a bush and the cat in the living room - oops other way round lol.
Just ensure that you have fluids on a regular basis to keep your body hydrated. SPF 50 when going outside and try to avoid the sun from 11am to 2pm.
The days are drawing in slowly and before you know it we will be complaining about the snow so make the most of this glorious weather.
And another big plus of this hot weather, saving on the gas heating bill Image
Like the heat BUT I work and care for mother -anyone any tips? Mum not sleeping well due tothe heat so subsequently I get a bad night then have to go into work as well.

I ensure we both get plenty of fluids in various forms and am now looking forward to the weekend.

Ive been having a few nights trouble sleeping with the heat. I have though started placing a fan in the bedroom half and hour - an hour before I go to bed. The window is open all day quite wide with the curtains closed and it seems that it does the trick. The weather is slightly cooler in the evening and then the fan helps to push the cool air around the room. Also sleep with just a duvet cover and no duvet.
Kaz - I'm in the same position as you....no tips though unfortunately Image