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Hearing Impaired/Deaf Carers

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I've been considering this for a while and not really had the nerve but curiosity has this cat and it's not going to leave it alone until it's well and truly killed it.

Are there any hearing impaired or deaf {whatever phrase you prefer} carers out there?

Caring is hard at the best of times but I'm curious as to what specifics you find the hardest...for me it is making appointments and attending them as a support person rather than have someone come with me for support. I recently changed GP's {my last one had a long term illness before committing suicide} and I was shocked but pleasantly surprised that having only seen the GP once back in April time that she remembered I couldn't hear her and made the effort to look at me, take her time and even apologised for the times she spoke and turned away. I've been at the same surgery since before they officially confirmed my deafness and I've never had such excellent service for my own appointments let alone when they aren't in my name, It's boosted my confidence a little which was very needed. However, I am well aware that now I'm not able to attend lipreading classes my confidence will drop and I'm going to struggle with more than appointments.

Does anyone have tips for coping {especially with the tiredness that the lack of hearing creates on top of caring} mechanisms?

I try to do one session of yoga {at home} a week and one outdoor walk for at least an hour once a week too so I can relax and that helps a little, I also use NGT where possible but not all places will take calls from NGT.

Sorry I've rambled and I'm not even sure I have this in the right place...can someone remove it if it's wrong?
Yes I have complete deafness in one ear coupled with chronic tinnitus. My main problem is that I don't always 'hear' what my consultant is saying let alone my cared fors! It is important that I can hear and remember everything both for myself and my cared for but sometimes it is hard!

I always remind the consultants that I have a hearing impairment but it doesn't always work does it?

I haven't any tips for you but isn't it nice to know that you are not the only one?

I beleive that hearing impairment is other peoples problem really - if they accomodated us then we wouldn't have a problem would we?
OH this is exactly what I needed to hear, well figuratively speaking it is. I have moderate hearing loss in both ears...with other complications, the rare bilateral pre-arricular sinus {prevents hearing aids being of use} thankfully not constant tinnitus but I do occasionally have a smoke alarm sound in my ears and having checked it's not the smoke alarm but tinnitus, I also have hyperacusis {another reason hearing aids won't work}

It's just a relief I think to know I'm not alone, I recently well 12months ago had to give up the lipreading classes, a combination of expense and not being able to leave Nan long enough. I try when possible to keep in touch with them but it's not really the same. This last few months I've really missed having someone say I struggle too so it's great to hear.

I find reminding people I can't hear tends to ironically fall on deaf ears...I also find medical staff the worse! Do you find that more and more things are done via phone today? I am and it is so frustrating and stressful.

THank you, I really appreciate hearing someone else is out trying to care and struggling to hear.

I have to be honest I wish people would accommodate us, I've been deaf/hearing impaired since birth and it took me 30 years to get a positive response, it turned out that was a one off and took another 7 years to get another one.

Thank you so much for making my day.
Hi Sal,
Not comparable, but I had temporary deafness in one ear and tinnitus, following a middle ear infection.

I have done courses in deaf awareness through school and also learnt BSL at night classes (prior to being a carer,) but never fully appreciated how being deaf affects someone.

I couldn't tell where my caree was in the house, hear his vocalisations properly. Talking to the pharmacist, receptionists etc in busy areas, I struggled to hear and could see the frustration in their faces when I had to ask them to repeat things. I couldn't listen to the TV/ radio/ whilst dealing with S, because I needed to read the subtitles/ really concentrate.

Have you tried getting support for your caree through a Carer's assessment; so you can attend lip reading classes?

Any deafness is deafness regardless of duration. I'm forever misunderstanding what Nan says and getting the wrong thing or doing the wrong thing leading to extreme frustration on both sides. I get yelled at in the surgery last week I missed being called in and when it finally came up on the screen no room number so I went to reception and asked and got told I should have been listening as she'd called me "loudly" {however not on my side of the room so I could see the nurse and in a room where the roof is two stories high and everything echos and the sounds aren't clear assuming you could hear them in the first place} and that I should not be wasting their time. She eventually checked my name on screen and said oh you've got a hearing problem you should have said so someone could shout at you...I bit my tongue smiled and went and sat back down...what I really wanted to scream was but someone already shouted and I didn't hear it, and neither can you given you have totally ignored what I said. It may have been an off day but I doubt it and quite honestly I have long since given up in trying to explain in the hope things get easier.

I have had a carers assessment and it although that is still valid it won't accommodate the change of location for the classes. I've been using the time instead too walk with the camera which is great both physically and mentally and quite often the only peace I ever get so I enjoy it, just miss the understanding of others who can't hear.
Contact the GP surgery manager and remind him that they have "a duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people". if she only noticed that you have a hearing deficiency on file at a late stage, then that shows that your problem is not marked clearly enough.

"Yelling louder" is totally and utterly unacceptable. They should not be yelling at all!! They should come and find you in the waiting room when it is your turn.

Many moons ago I worked in a small hospital, and was relief receptionist, so I do understand both sides of this.
slightly concerned about making a fuss and being seen as a nuisance...well okay past experience suggest that I am a nuisance. It is however the first time since April it's even been on the system I can't hear...as previous Gp's never properly put it on my notes despite numerous visits and referrals to audiology and ent from them. That said they even stopped the audiology referrals under the "no point" term so rarely go even when I think hearing is getting worse.