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so much for relaxing quality time

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We dropped young Rob off at Rachel House yesterday and decided to go for a meal on the way home - just the two of us. Firstly the Carvery we were going to go to had run out of meat.??!! We then decided to go to Escape at Braehead. Had a very nice meal. We both had boneless ribs with salad. Woke up this morning in excruciating pain under my right ribs and was as sick as a dog. Phoned Gp who couldn't give me an appointment until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. Phoned NHS 24 and they suggested maybe it was just a virus. Ended up finally getting an appointment with my Diabetic nurse at the surgery and she tested my blood sugar which was really high despite the fact I hadn't eaten anything and she has diagnosed the problem as being my gall bladder and thinks that the ribs last night might have been a bit fatty. So that will be even more grub I can't eat anymore then. Does diabetes cause gallbladder problems do you think? Pain has stopped now thankfully but I don't have any appetite so that's no pub lunch tomorrow as planned then. Image

What a shame
(((((((hugs))))) eun
If you're in a lot of pain that can cause your blood sugars to be high.
I've had lots of arguements in the past with medical proffessionals attempting to give my hubby extra insulin when he was in pain, the BM's come down on their own once the pains under control if he'd had additional insulin it then slung him in to a hypo.

Gall baldder problems can affect the pancreas which is where the body makes insulin might be best to get the gp to investigate properly
best er on safe side and see gp. take it easy if can
Had to go and see the GP again today - turns out I do have gallstones. I've to take painkillers and he is sending me for an ultrasound. Great - just what I don't need - I don't have time to be not well.

I had my gallbladder out before my diabetes was confirmed and it was such a relief, I had been in a heck of a lot of pain for a long time.

I come under the heading of a "poor operation risk" but was extremely well looked after and was in hospital for one night only, it is possible to go home the same day but my surgery was done in the evening.
It is keyhole surgery Eun but it does leave you sore for a few weeks afterwards so it could be problematic for you. Best discuss it with doc and see what your options are.

Just as an aside, the usual advice is to avoid fatty and spicy foods but I found the worst culprit for causing me pain was anything with yeast in it - brain used to have me doubled up in pain.

Hope it goes well.