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Happy Mother's day. - Carers UK Forum

Happy Mother's day.

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Hi Everyone

Sadly my mother passed away over 10 years ago along with my wife but I am still joining several mothers in the family for the traditional meal out and a mass dog walk this afternoon if possible.
I would say to children do your best for your mother / grandmother even if it is not possible to take them out.
I suspect a lot of the bill will go on my bank card as my grandchildren do not have a lot of money yet but that does not matter.

My grandmothers died a long, long time ago, so I think I'm off the hook there. But I should really take Mum out? Hmm. Is it part of the deal that I have to bring her home again? He he he. Image
My mother's day pressie is to be three flasks of soup. I'm not allowed to bring her the flowers she loves so much; hospitals have banned them, even fake ones. So, re-introducing her to solid food - via soup - is my gift.
Actually, I'll take a box of chocs too. She might even eat one... progress!
I'm just wondering how late in the day is an acceptable time for at least ONE of your kids to phone and wish you a Happy Mother's Day!!

But I'm taking the time to wish my treasured and much loved Mum who is no longer with me in body a Happy Mother's Day wherever she may be.
Hi ladybird13

Mother's of children have to take their wishes for a Happy Mother's day when the children are available.
There are many staff at the hospital on an early shift with mother's on mother's day.
Some take their mother's out for a meal in the evening as a result.
There are some mother's working early shifts as well.

I suspect that my children were still in bed at what I think is a civilized hour! Child 1 phoned at 11 am. Child 2 is probably only just surfacing, and has probably forgotten that the clocks have changed, so will live the whole of today on a different timeframe. Ah kids, eh? Who'd have 'em? Image

All of us, of course. Image
Not heard from my no1son Ladybird, daughter messaged me after I'd messaged her, no2son followed me downstairs this morning with his card and present and made me coffee. x x
I got card and text from son who lives away.
DD got me a card, a gorgeous mug which I had admired and a lovely hanging basket ful of plants. She really puts a lot of thought into gifts for people.

Unlike my brother and SIL - she got my 90 year old Mum a set of 6 placemats. Image She lives alone, cooks for one and never has people round to eat. She also already has a drawer full of tablemats she doesn't use. They are such t***s, they really are. They just left them in her house and Mum discovered them when I took her home just now. Even she said "Pfffff, what a useless present, they know I wont use them." They once bought Mum a packet of cards to decorate yourself which I'd seen in the Poundshop. Image Image One birthday they bought her a hideous cardigan in a colour she never wears. She is quite stooped and it comes half way up her back and looks horrible so she has never worn it.
I had some lovely flowers in a basket and a boxed set of DVD's which I had wanted.Most precious to me is that my daughter and elder son always include a kiss and a heart from my late son in their cards,so my cards are still from my three children.
It is 19 years since my own lovely Mum died.
Quite strange...on mother's day saw a fresh bunch of flowers in a public bin! Made we wonder....the "say it with flowers" may have got a rejected response? Image

Their loss was my gain. Since the flowers were in good condition, I took them home! Image