My idea

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
Hi all

I had an idea and I wondered how people felt about it as it is somewhat delicate.
I am about to embark on a trial of the Gerson Therapy and it might be of a sensitive nature . It might even offend some people as it involves chats about enemas and bottoms. Please feel free to tell me your opinions.

If I need to talk to the owner can someone let me know who he is?


Hello Tilly.

The forum doesn't have an "owner" as such - it is run by Carers UK on behalf of the membership.

However if you want to check it out with the staff who Administrate the site then you can email them at and see what they think.

However, I agree it is a 'delicate' subject and should perhaps be confined to the "Carers' Health Issues" section which is also a 'private' area that can only be accessed by registered members and not casual visitors to the site.
Definitely needs to be in the "private" area of the forum.

No photographs, mind! ;)
Ok Thankyou

You made a good point. Might be a bit sensitive