Happy Easter

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I did it jimbo!!!!!
Wishing everyone a happy Easter.



Are you the same Tilly with a pink ribbon avatar, and you now have a doggy avatar with a pink ribbon, or are there two Tillys? And the pink ribbon connection is a coincidence?

Happy Easter everyone. I've had the weekend off, and I'm supposed to be sorting my flat out getting it ready for a flat swop to be nearer my parents. Instead I've pissed off to Southport and generally blobbed out. A paint brush has not been lifted!


Apart from on my smilie... does that count?
Hi Sajahar

Yes it is the very same Tilly!!

And yes that is my dog wearing a pink ribbon that she wears sometimes ! The pink ribbon is a breast cancer ribbon that the macmillan nurses gave to me for the pooch! I think it suits her too :cheer:

Happy Easter Everyone.

Tilly is she a Shih tzu . My shih is a year old on the 11th may,lovely pup. ( my av pic she was only 10 weeks there) x
Hi Tracey

Yes she is a shih tzu. She is 10 years old but she is soooo pretty! She has the most amazing nature , she is very loved and very spoiled
You little one looks beautiful!

The attachment image_2014-04-21.jpg is no longer available

This is her , she is called Martha


Oh, how cute is that!
Shes lovely.
Mines called lacie, ill see if i can find an updated pic x

Found, Lacie and my other dog Roxy who is a pom. Shes 7 x


Hi Tracey

They are so beautiful!!

Tilly :)